Realigning Steyr Action Bushings

Action Bushings

Whilst using the Sinclair Action Cleaning Kit with a cotton swab attached in the Action of my Steyr Pro Hunter Rifle, I discovered that when I am turning the cleaning swab in and around the Action the swab ‘due to its size and tight fit’ will snag onto the Action Bushing and actually turn the Bushings in the Rifles Action out of alignment.

Once out of alignment the Bolt will not fully slide into the Action as the Bolt Locking Lugs are hitting against the Bushings that have now become misaligned.

Examine Your Cases Everytime

Range Brass

Just recently I was donated 100 cases of Lapua 6.5×55 fired range brass from a friend who bought a similar calibre.  Yep it’s always nice to get quality Lapua brass as a present.

Visual Inspections Are A Must

The other day I popped the cases into the media tumbler for a good cleaning so that I could De-Prime them and run them through my Neck Sizing Die and Prep them for loading.  After the cleaning process I started to examine the cases to check for any signs of damage in the case neck, body and head.  In all honesty I wasn’t expecting to see any signs of fatigue in the cases.

Sooted and Booted Part IV

One Swallow Does Not A Summer Make

My last range visit looked like I was onto a winner when my hotter loaded test ‘cases’ began to come out with less carbon fouling along the body and head.  With this positive outlook I handloaded 30 rounds of my prep’d cases that were neck trimmed to a uniform length, ‘see my previous post Sooted and Booted Part III for details of my test subjects’ and off to the range I went.

Barrel Maintenance – Bore Cleaning

Cleaning Is Not Always A Bore

I have watched and read many Barrel Cleaning Regime’s that are offered up online and on the printed page.  Some I have been happy with and others I was not so impressed with due to the lack of care with the Firearm.  Some cleaning methods were even said to take up to and beyond 24 hrs to clean a barrel, with a first clean at the range and for the second or third cleaning solvents were left to soak in the barrel overnight and brushed and patched out the next day.  ‘When would you find the time to shoot if you were using these exhaustive cleaning programs!!!’ I wanted a complete refined cleaning regime that allowed me to clean my rifle both inside and out with minimal interuption to my range visit and shooting time.

Sooted and Booted Part III

Have I Found A Solution To My Dirty Cases?

You may recall two articles that I wrote in June 201o called Sooted and Booted Part I followed by Sooted and Booted Part II where I had encountered problems of carbon fouling covering the entire body of my once fired Full Length Sized Lapua Cases for my 6.5×55 Calibre.

I had a number of suggestions, from a number of different sources put to me with reasons as to why this could be happening.  Therefore I compiled a short list and decided to give each suggestion a trial to see if any of those suggestions did in fact solve my Sooted Cases problem.

Goodies On Sinclair International

Products For The Precision Shooter – A Shooters Paradise

I know the credit card can’t really take the hit right now but I have been eyeing up a few new tools on Sinclair International for my reloading bench and range bag.

As an early Christmas present this is what I have in my online shopping cart, ‘wow did I just mention the C word?’, I believe I did.  Well Santa aint too far away and the early order will beat the last minute rush.