Aim Small, Hit Small

Chickens At 77 Metres

To shake up my practise session, I decided to place my chickens at the 77 metres mark and shoot them.  As if chickens are not hard enough to hit at 40 metres I hear you say! well yes they are.  The theory behind my ‘foul’ madness is to help develop and reduce my rifle hold, point of aim and point of impact.  I find that when shooting at the original targets at their designated distances I tend to allow myself more movement in my rifle hold and that in turn drives my mind to take more risks in shot execution with a result of hitting less targets.

Club Silhouette Shoot

Midweek Shoot

Due to my niece ‘Darcey’ getting Christened at the weekend I was unable to attend our club silhouette shoot on the day.  Fortunately for me, BRC Shooting Club allow its membership to shoot a club shoot midweek prior to the competition day.  So off I went on Wednesday evening at 7PM and setup the 30 targets; 10 chickens, 10 pigs and 10 turkeys on line 3.  Our Rams bays are out of commission at present so we shoot the 30.  The evening weather was calm with a slight breeze but nothing too upsetting for the muzzle or bullet flight.

Brass Bright Shining Bright

The Before & After

After annealing my cases I like to polish them up in the Lyman 1200 Tumbler with a corn cob media.  Having shiny cases is not only aesthetically pleasing but it can also allow you to easily run your eye over each case to inspect it for signs of splitting. 

To ensure the corn cob media is primed I use Lyman’s Turbo Charger Reactivator.  This Reactivator must be shaken before use and poured into the corn cob media and left to tumble (Do Not Add Your Brass At This Point) for approximately 30 minutes to allow it to work itself into the media and dry off.  The drying prevents the media from sticking to your cases and tarnishing them when they are tumbled.

Draining Unused Powder From RCBS ChargeMaster

Draining Unused Powder From RCBS ChargeMaster

I had a great weekend of sunshine at home almost to good to be indoors reloading as we dont get this sunshine too often. 

In between my tea breaks and sun lounging I did alot of Brass Preparation which included popping spent primers, annealing case necks, neck sizing, case cleaning and chamfering.  I rounded of my Saturday evening by putting together 50 handloads of 6.5×55 to take along to the range on Sunday morning.

IMSSU Rules In Effect At 2013 European Championships

IMSSU Rules Adopted In 2012 General Assembly Will Be In Effect At 2013 AETSM European Championships

The new rules will be enforced at world level from January 1st, 2013. Thus, they will be used at the European Championships. In 2005, the AETSM Assembly agreed to use the IMSSU rules when voted by the IMSSU Asssembly.  In 2013, the new set of rules will be the current IMSSU rules so they will also be the official AETSM rules.

Quote from Jean-Pierre BEURTHERET IMSSU Secretary 31st May 2012.

IMSSU Rules for 2013

Big Bore Rifle Rules Discussed At 2012 Assembly

I have extracted the following Big Bore Rifle information from the 2012 Assembly Minutes.  I have uploaded the IMSSU Rules 2013 here for your perusal.  I hope that the changes that have been adopted will bring more rifle shooters into the events.

12.2. Big Bore Rifle events:
The President advised that there were problems with the Big Bore Rifle events where a 500m range was not available. He recommended that all the proposals regarding the Big Bore Rifle issue be treated as a whole at this point in the meeting. The Meeting agreed.

National Shoot May 2012

National Results May

I hadn’t expected to be attending our National Classification shoot yesterday but due to my newest little niece or nephew taking its time to come into this world I had time to attend the event.

Weather was a little nippy on the trigger finger but as the morning got going I got of to a great start in SBSR knocking over 9 chickens and 10 pigs but as a little anxiety crept in I could only manage to send 6 turkeys scuttling from their feet leaving me with a tally of 25 / 30.