Case Trimming With Wilson

The LE Wilson Case Trimmer

Up until last week I had not seen or used my very accurate and expensive LE Wilson case trimmer to finish off my annealed and clean brass for some time now.  So it was time to dust it down and get it back on the Case Prep Bench where it belongs.

Finders Keepers

I had thought I had misplaced the 6.5×55 Case Holder for the trimmer but in the same breath I knew it wasn’t too far away.  I searched through a few boxes of reloading kit looking for it and voila, it was hiding away in its small original box.  ‘Yes, it was the last place I thought of looking‘.

RifleCraft – Distributors Of BoreTech Inc

BoreTech Inc Products Available From The UK

I have wrote extensively on the subject off BoreTech Cleaning Products that I use to maintain my firearms, Why! because their products work!

For your convenience here are some of the previous posts that I have published on this topic:

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“Bore Cleaning, Marathon or Sprint”

“Is A Clean Barrel An Accurate Barrel?”

Getting An Interest In ISSF

The ISSF Channel

Since attending the London Olympics Shooting Events in August 2012 I have become more and more interested in the ISSF Target Shooting disciplines.  So much so that I tune into the ISSF Channel on YouTube to get my discipline fix.

I have always been a firm believer in studying and practicing multiple shooting disciplines.  This allows me to take something from those disciplines and build it into my own chosen shooting sports to experiment with.

ISSF Prone Rifle

Positive Feedback – Never Get Tired Of It

Comments & Kind Words Of Thanks

Recently I have had a lot of interest ‘Hits‘ on my shootNbreeze You Tube Channel featuring Demonstrations of Rifle Reloading / Handloading & Firearms Maintenance procedures that I carry out.

I just wanted to say a Big Thank You to everyone who takes the time to reply with feedback; comments and questions especially the Positive :D ones, as it makes the time and effort I put into my Videos and this Blog all worth while.  It really is much appreciated.

Long May It Continue

Lapua & Anschutz Batch Testing

An Alternative St Patrick’s Day 

I had a shooters alternative St Patrick’s Day this year.  There was no mid afternoon pints of the ‘Black Stuff’ on offer just lots of ‘Golden Nuggets’ of Lapua Centre X brass casings on display.

Four weeks ago I brought my Anschutz 1710 along for what is becoming an annual event of Lapua Batch testing to Dungannon Rifle & Pistol Club.  In 2012 I had great success with my selected Lapua Centre X as I obtained great shooting results to secure 1st Place and both National Smallbore Rifle Silhouette Shooting Titles including the Aggregate Title.  I am now hoping to retain those Titles in 2013 and I feel that Lapua Centre X married with my Anschutz 1710 can help me to obtain those Shooting Golds.

Shooting An 1891 Gustaf 6.5×55

The Real Swede

I had the pleasure of running a half dozen rounds of factory 6.5×55 down the tube of a well seasoned 1891 (matching numbers) Carl Gustaf on a very unseasonable chilly Easter Sunday morning.

A fellow shooting enthusiast from our club had recently purchased this fine firearm after a well established mission to seek one out at the recent British Shooting Show that we attended on February 9th & 10th.

Sights At 300

Under Lock & Key

Why Trigger Locks?

Up until recently I was a bit dismissive of the firearms trigger lock, an unnecessary expense and a little cumbersome were two reasons.  I thought why do I need one when I am the only person handling my firearms!  I take them from the safe, they are always unloaded until ready to be fired at the range and they are placed back in the safe ‘any bolt action rifle has the Bolt and Magazine removed and the firearm is unloaded before leaving the range

Two weeks ago that all changed when I learned of a tragedy; this got me thinking and to re-examine my firearms security from a different perspective.