Questioning Your Inner Honesty

Reality Check – All In The Name Of Progress

Q. Do you mentally prepare for a competitive shoot?

Q. Do you achieve your desired shooting goals and results?

If you answered Yes to any of the above then ask those questions to yourself once again, giving it a little more thought; be honest with your answers.

Q. Do you believe that a change in your preparation and approach will bring added value and higher results to your shooting?

Q. Are you willing to make those changes even if it means sacrificing your current performance in the short term to reach those long term shooting goals?

Focusing On The Negative Shots, Why?

An Irish Thing Or A Viral Thing!

Is it an Irish thing to focus on the negative shots and results with very little time given to celebrating and focusing on the positive shots.  ‘You missed a Chicken, a Pig, a Turkey, a Ram; what happened? are just some of the sound bites breaking the air at the silhouette range.  Granted I have made similar comments in the past, it’s true, I’m not a saint.


1st Shoot @ East Coast

A Warm Welcome To The Garden County

Located 1.1 miles outside Roundwood Village in County Wicklow we snaked down a laneway to East Coast Shooting Club to be met with a warm and welcoming smile and handshake from  Sean McElwain, President of ECSC who has been shooting silhouettes for over 3 decades.

East Coast Shooting Club has hosted National Shoots in years gone by, but due to changes, the range was redeveloped and this took time and euros to get right.

Now with two fine banks of Silhouettes in place, East Coast were back on our National calendar ‘and long may it continue’.

Blaye Citadel Shooting Range

Historical Shooting Range

While holidaying in Bordeaux I traveled to Blaye an old town approximately a 1hr drive north of Bordeaux.  Blaye overlooks the Gironde River the gateway to Bordeaux.  Blaye is now famous for its Citadel that was once a Monastic site but expanded by ‘Vauban’ a military strategist who designed many fortresses for the French.

As a tourist I enjoy discovering the history and finer details of the sites I visit.  The Citadel is free to walk around but to experience that extra wow factor there was an English speaking tour scheduled at 3PM at a small cost of 5 euro, so I booked myself in for that.

What’s Your Approach To Competitive Shooting?

The #Aggressive Or #Subdued Approach?

From my days as a Rookie in 2001, I believe I have grown in experience at the Silhouette Range.  With this experience I have tended to approach matches on a more relaxed but alert state, compared to the overexcited newbie in days gone by.  

Although in making that sweeping declaration, I have noticed that on my off-days my attention was subdued, due to tiredness or diet, it is hard to tell because of an irregular sleep pattern?  On those days I would knowingly let a sight picture drift off and hoped that the bullet would find its own path too knocking the target from its feet, ‘wishful thinking on my part’.  

Success At BRC 32nd Anniversary Shoot

A Tight Contest @ BRC Shooting Club

On Sunday last BRC Shooting Club held its 32nd Anniversary and to celebrate the club hosted the third year of its Annual Shoot, which was introduced to mark the milestone off its 30th Anniversary.

3 Diciplines

The shoot consisted of 3 disciplines; prone 50 Metres, prone 100 Yards and topped with 40 Silhouettes (now that we have the Rams restored and standing proud in all their glory).

23 to 1

With a field of 23 Shooters the competition was knife-edge.  It was no mean feat to wager prior to the match who would come out on top spot and have their name carved into the Perpetual Trophy.

BRC & Lifford Members Annual Shoot

50 Metres, 100 Yards & 20 Silhouettes

With an annual invitation extended to the Lifford RPSC, Co. Donegal, BRC Shooting Club were excited to host a 3 discipline shoot on Sunday 9th June.

The event consisted of 1 x 50 Metre card {with 4 bullseye targets}, 1 x 100 Yard card {with 2 bullseye targets} and 20 silhouettes {with 5 Chickens, 5 Pigs, 5 Turkeys & 5 Rams} (Yes indeed, we have our Rams back in place and it’s great to see them standing proud albeit at the shorter distance of 98 Metres)

Sunny Attendance