.22lr Tumbling Bullets From Revolver

Keyhole Tears

I was at the range on Saturday past, shooting my little Smith & Wesson .22lr wheel gun. It was a peaceful day and I was enjoying my morning. I was tearing up the bulls-eye on a target when suddenly my shots began to spread like buckshot.

I know the smithy is old and I began to think could the barrel be shot out? No I told myself; sure when I cleaned it last the rifling looked as good as new with nice sharp lands and grooves. Also it’s shooting lead not copper.

Revolver Shooting & Ejection – SK Rifle Match v CCI Target

Ammo Testing My Smith & Wesson M-17 Revolver

It took a few months due to legal paperwork and arranging travel plans but finally, I have my wheel gun.  It’s a .22lr Smith & Wesson M-17 Revolver six shooter.

Choosing Ammo

I want to shoot a cost effective but accurate round of .22lr in this little beauty.  Therefore I opted for ammo that was in stock, readily available and not costing the earth.

Please not my testing is in no way scientific and the results may vary depending on your firearm(s).

Mixed Bag @ 1st National Shoot of 2014

Full Details Of Personalities & Friendships

After a night of broken sleep due to a neighbourhood alarm on Sunday past, I washed the sleep from my eyes and headed up to the club to compete in my first National Silhouette Shoot of 2014.

Due to my late start all the early details had been assigned. It was good to see a large attendance of competitors side by side as all 6 bays had a full compliment of shooters. It really was a case of ‘the early bird catches the worm‘. There were shooters from four different clubs all eager to take on the might of the steel silhouette, East Coast Sporting Club, Eagles, Suirside Target Sports and our good selves BRC Shooting Club. A nice mix of personalities and friendships.

Forget Singing In The Rain, We’re Shooting In The Rain

Shooting In The Rain
Need I say more. I bet everyone here has done it at some stage in their competitive or hunting shoot.

I was taking part in our Club pistol shoot in the pouring rain on Sunday past. In all honesty it felt good being out there in the elements firing the Smithy.

Saturday Sighters
On the previous day I was up sighting in some new .22 Remington Target ammo. I had never shot this ammo before so I hadn’t any experience of its accuracy. As a backup I had 100 rounds of CCI ready and waiting in case this Remington didn’t perform, always have a Plan B.

Target Rifle – Prone Shooting

Fighting With 100 Yards

Just a few weeks into the 2014 BRC Shooting Club calendar year and we have already held our New Year Shoot and a 100 yard Sporting & Target Rifle Shoot.  It’s the Target Rifle that I will focus on here.

With those little black eyes staring back at you from the 100 yard line the Open Sights Target can become a beast if not tamed.  I thought well I am here I may as well give it a lash.

Shooting The Smithy…

It’s Only 10 Metres I Know… But, It’s A Smooth Shooter!!!

Thought I would show of my new addition to the Gun Room, ‘when I say Gun Room I really mean a small Gun Safe’.

S&W m-17 .22lr
S&W m-17 .22lr

Here I am at BRC Shooting Club with my Smith & Wesson m-17 in .22lr calibre.  I have removed the original Smith & Wesson grips and upgraded it with Nill-Griffe walnut grips that are ISSF Standard.  These grips really do allow for a natural shooting position and it gives the Revolver an excellent balance in the hand.

Single Action

2013 Irish National Champion

Retaining the National Titles

Matthew Canning retained both National Titles at BRC Shooting Club, Dublin on Oct 12th & 13th.

National Champion 2013
National Champion 2013

Yes I was talking in the third person there.  My name reads much better than the word I :).

Blessed By The Weather

October in Ireland is a month you could not gamble on getting two days back to back for satisfactory shooting conditions.  We are lucky if we get that in August let alone October.

Finnish National Championships

Shooting Smallbore & Bigbore Rifle At Sippo, Finland

Flying in with SAS & Blue Airlines I landed in Helsinki Airport at 22:30 on a mild Friday night and was greeted and collected by Hanna Lempola one of our Metallic Shooting friends.  Hanna had kindly arranged to collect me and drop me off at the Scandic Hotel in Jarvenpa and give me a lift out to the Sippo Shooting Range where I was scheduled to compete as a guest in the Finnish National Smallbore and Bigbore Rifle Championships that weekend.

Sippo Range A New Adventure