Gales, Fractures & No Breaks

Irish National Silhouette Championships

It’s Monday morning and time to reflect on how our National Championships unfolded.

Gales, Fractures & No Breaks

The forecast was not looking good.  We had been warned all week of winds ranging from between Gale Force 5 to 8 becoming widespread throughout the country as the Tail End of Hurricane Katia began to make land fall and cause trouble on the Emmerald Isle.  Strangely enough we were experiencing summer temperatures topping 17 to 18 degrees celcius at the same time.

NSAI Irish National Championships

As per the 2011 NSAI shoot calendar, the Irish National Championship Smallbore Rifle Silhouette Competition will be held this coming weekend on Saturday 10th & Sunday 11th of September 2011 at BRC Shooting Club.

There are two events scheduled  –

  • Smallbore Silhouette Rifle
  • Smallbore Hunting Rifle.

Range Opening Time
BRC Shooting Club will be open from 9am on both Days of the Event.

Event Program & Format
The National Championships are a 2 day event and must be attended and shot on both days if you wish to compete for an award.

  • Day 1 will consist of 40 Shots in Smallbore Silhouette Rifle and 40 Shots in Smallbore Hunting Rifle.

Chickens Takin’ A Lickin’

I grabbed some range time last weekend before our upcoming National Championships and decided to create a short video of myself shooting a bank of 5 chickens before I got into a more detailed and focused shooting session.  Apologies in advance for the lighting conditions.

Here I am shooting a bank of 5 smallbore rifle chicken silhouettes.

Rifle Primers – CCI versus Federal

When I began reloading I used CCI large rifle primers, not because of any particular reason other than they were the primers I was introduced too.  Now three years later I am still using CCI as I have found them to be very reliable with ignition in my 6.5×55.

Now as my latest batch of CCI have come to an end, I went to my local firearms dealer for a fresh batch but he had no CCI left in stock.  With limited choice I decided to buy Federal Primers.

Shot Placement On Rams

Short Practise Sessions Are Well Worth The Effort

I had a couple of hours to myself on Saturdsay morning, so I got myself of to the range for a practise session.

After a few warm up, bedding in shots I began to tumble the sils from their feet.  Once I had gained confidence in my shot placement I took a well deserved and gratifying tea break.

Finishing of the mornings practise session I had 5 remaining shots for Rams and I knocked 4 from 5, unfortunately running high on the first one but the four remaining shots where right on the money with inch perfect body shots.

Perfect Shot Placement On Smallbore Rams


Two Dies Are Better Than None

You may recall May’s 2011 article Lube It Or Stick It!! that I had a number of problems with my Lee Neck Sizing Die and lubrication of my cases during a marathon 200 case preparation session.

As it turns out my Lee Neck Sizing Die has never been the same since that day.  I called Lee and spoke with a Lee Technical Expert on the matter were they suggested taking the Die apart, clean and degrease it, then expand the slots on the collet cone and finally rub in a little coating of grease to help it function and not wear and stick while performing Neck Sizing.

Getting Back In The Game!

Does Absence Make The Heart Grow Fonder

Frequent readers of ‘Blunderbuss’ may have noticed my absence of silhouette shooting over the past couple of months, my absence was not deliberate and I have not yet thrown in the towel on achieving that Perfect 40 Hell NO!!!  I was just busy with a few other activities and a really enjoyable holiday in southern Spain, therefore my weekends at the range where limited.  Now as I look at my hands as they tickle the keypad my base tan is somewhat slipping away, ahhh I miss the sunshine, but I miss the shooting too.