National Champion 2012

National Smallbore Silhouette Rifle Championships

Last weekend was quite eventful.  We held our National Silhouette Championships over two days with three matches in each event.  Unfortunately we did not have our Rams at 100M back in place due to range maintenance but definitely 2013 we will have them back in play but at a shorter distance of approximately 100 yards.

Day 1 opened with sighting in and first shots fired at 10am.  For myself I had a great start with 10/10 chickens but I dropped out on a few Pigs and Turkeys.  A case of opening nerves and a little wind swirling across at 77M may not have helped matters.  Others found the same fate, but some battled onwards and produced a tidy opening round.  The opening match had set the scores to beat.

Sinclair International Online

Goodies Galore In The Online Store

For a shooter it’s a mouth watering experience, this weekend I was online at Sinclair International putting together my Wish List of reloading and rifle cleaning equipment.  I just have to keep my self control in check as not to let the Credit Card take too much of a hit like it was shot with a 50 Cal round.  A few of the lower cost items that I would like to have this year are a bore guide for my .22 Anschutz 54 Action, a few new cleaning brushes, patches and mops plus a second cleaning rod so I can dedicate one rod to brushing out the bore and a second to wet / dry patching out the bore.

Rifle Cleaning Never a ‘Bore’ing Topic

Bore & Rod Guide

You may recall Any Old Rod Wont Do, published in February 2011 and how I would make my decision on choosing a cleaning rod for my firearm.

In that article I mentioned Bore Guides and how one should be used during the barrel cleaning process of your firearm.  Today I would like to talk about the Bore & Rod Guide I use and how it superseeds alot of the rival Guides on the market.

Caliber Specific

This ‘caliber specific’ Guide is for the 6.5×55 SE and I bought it about 2 yrs ago.  I use it with a one piece plastic coated Dewey cleaning rod.

Olympic Adventure #London2012

Olympic Moment

I was lucky to be one of the recipients of an Olympic ticket to Royal Artillery Barracks, many thanks to my brother for getting the ticket during the lottery.

I decided that I would take a week of annual leave and head over to soak up the Olympic fever as the Games will never be so close in my lifetime.  So I flew into Heathrow on August 30th and with a plan to visit many Galleries one per day that London is home too and be amongst the Olympic Spirit while watching the Games live on Big Screens in Victoria Park, Hyde Park and Potterfiled Park.  I knew that I would be witness to a Gold Medal shoot on August 2nd.

Beer The Night Before A Shoot

Mind Altering Beer Goggles

The topic of having a few beers or other alcoholic drink the night or day before a practise session or competitive shoot can be a controversial one.

I personally feel that it is something your body can become acustomed too, in moderation of course, but I guess it’s all down to genetics which go beyond the scope of this post. 

My experience during my last practise session possibly showed that I am better of not having a few ‘bottles of suds’ the day before a shoot.  Maybe there were other factors involved also such as emotional feelings, but I do think that the alcohol did play a part in my focus and steadiness while shooting.  

Aim Small, Hit Small

Chickens At 77 Metres

To shake up my practise session, I decided to place my chickens at the 77 metres mark and shoot them.  As if chickens are not hard enough to hit at 40 metres I hear you say! well yes they are.  The theory behind my ‘foul’ madness is to help develop and reduce my rifle hold, point of aim and point of impact.  I find that when shooting at the original targets at their designated distances I tend to allow myself more movement in my rifle hold and that in turn drives my mind to take more risks in shot execution with a result of hitting less targets.

Club Silhouette Shoot

Midweek Shoot

Due to my niece ‘Darcey’ getting Christened at the weekend I was unable to attend our club silhouette shoot on the day.  Fortunately for me, BRC Shooting Club allow its membership to shoot a club shoot midweek prior to the competition day.  So off I went on Wednesday evening at 7PM and setup the 30 targets; 10 chickens, 10 pigs and 10 turkeys on line 3.  Our Rams bays are out of commission at present so we shoot the 30.  The evening weather was calm with a slight breeze but nothing too upsetting for the muzzle or bullet flight.

Brass Bright Shining Bright

The Before & After

After annealing my cases I like to polish them up in the Lyman 1200 Tumbler with a corn cob media.  Having shiny cases is not only aesthetically pleasing but it can also allow you to easily run your eye over each case to inspect it for signs of splitting. 

To ensure the corn cob media is primed I use Lyman’s Turbo Charger Reactivator.  This Reactivator must be shaken before use and poured into the corn cob media and left to tumble (Do Not Add Your Brass At This Point) for approximately 30 minutes to allow it to work itself into the media and dry off.  The drying prevents the media from sticking to your cases and tarnishing them when they are tumbled.