British Shooting Show

Foreign Lands A Traveling

On February 9th & 10th I attended the British Shooting Show. I had never been to a large scale shooting show before so I was really looking forward to seeing all that was on offer, plus I had a small shopping list that I wanted to fulfill.

A group of 30 members from my Shooting Club headed of by Mini Bus to Belfast and crossed the Irish sea by Ferry to Liverpool. We then drove down to the outer limits of Coventry where we stayed in a very nice little Tudor / Edwardian Style hotel. After a few beers in the town on the Friday we were all set on Saturday morning raring to go.

Prone 50 Metre Sporting Rifle Shooting

 Anschutz Tack Driver at 50 Metres

As Silhouette shooting season is over for 2012, I usually try my hand at prone sporting rifle shooting where I slip on a canvas target rifle shooting jacket and a sling.

BRC Shooting Club can facilitate 50Mtr and 100 Yrds bench rest and prone rifle shooting from within the confines of the shooting gallery.

As I have said in previous posts silhouette shooting can aid in the development of other shooting sports, as a silhouette shooter will shoot standing and in the off-hand position without the aid of a tight fitting jacket or sling.  Off-hand shooting can develop your balance, sight picture, point of aim, trigger control and more importantly your breathing.

Festive Reloading

Christmas Preparations

I run into a spot of bother with my RCBS Neck Sizing Die over the Christmas holidays. My reloading bench was in full swing preparing 6.5×55 brass for the upcoming 2013 season, ‘I am especially looking forward to the 600 Yard Range shoots‘. As I was Neck Sizing freshly annealed cases a few brittle cases cropped up in my batch of once fired Lapua. This caused a few brittle necks ‘approx 10 from 100’ to rip off on the ‘up-stroke’ of the press as the RCBS button on the Die was withdrawing from the case neck where it applied the correct neck Sizing that I required.

Carbon Fouled Cases

Possible Solution To Carbon Fouled Cases

I finally got around to reloading and firing a small batch of 10 Lapua cases for the 6.5×55 that you may recall were being coated in carbon blowback check out the video “Carbon Fouling & Soot After Firing The 6.5×55 Rifle Calibre”.  I cleaned and prepared the brass ‘following the same steps as my non problematic brass’ but I added the extra step of annealing this batch of cases to see if I could solve the problem and prevent them from being coated in carbon when fired.  My reasoning as to why I annealed the case neck was to see if I could improve the Neck tension on  holding the bullet and if this tension would allow the powder charge to fully burn to create adequate pressure to firslty release the bullet from the case neck and sending it down the bore while simultaneously expanding the case neck to tightly seal of the chamber and prevent carbon and gas blowing back into the chamber and bolt face.

Check Your Cases When Fired

Split Case Neck

After settling into my rifle at the 600 yard line last weekend I rattled down a few rounds of 139g Lapua HPBT.  As this was a casual non competitive target shoot I had time to exam my brass casings after each shot so that I can check for signs of stress on the case and primer.

I had just fired my third round and when I ejected it I noticed a dark vertical thick line on the case neck.  So I stopped shooting for a moment and examined the case with an interested eye as I rotated it between my finger and thumb.  The case neck was indeed split and as I held it to the light I could see the daylight shining in through the split.

Ringing In The Weekend @ 600 yards

Swinging Steel Plates at 600 yards

With a second invitation to come and shoot the 600 yard distance in County Tyrone, I put my preparation time to good use by getting 60 fresh once fired 6.5×55 Lapua Brass cases annealed, dried, cleaned, neck sized, chamfered and primed for loading with Vhitavouri N160. The annealing and drying process was a two day operation before loading and bullet seating could begin.

With 60 fully loaded rounds of 6.5×55 waiting at home, I made my way from Dublin in anticipation of a good days shooting to ring steel like a campanologist on a Sunday morning.

6.5×55 @ 600Yrds

Dingers & Ringers

I had an enjoyable morning at the 300 and 600 Yrd range the other weekend.  Up with the Gods in the Sperrins I was hoping the font end of the car wasn’t going to disappear down a shuck or a rock was going to rip open the undercarriage as I weaved my way in convoy to the 600 Yrd Range.

After the inital talk and target setup I began sighting in on 300 yrds from a prone position using a harris bipod with extendible legs to give me the height I needed for the shots to cross the valley.

600 Yards With The 6.5×55

Long Range Shots

I am hoping for good weather this weekend ‘well at least dry weather‘ as I have an invitation to go shoot my Steyr 6.5×55 over a 600 yard distance.  I have around 30 handloaded rounds at home ready and waiting for this little hillside outing.

If all goes to plan over the weekend I will hope to have a few photos and words on my long distance results early next week.