Long Range Rifle – 600 Metres And Beyond

Suns Out, Guns Out

Looking out over the green hills of Tyrone and across the valley, the steel plates lay nestled among the rushes dancing in the flickering sunshine.  There wasn’t a breathe of wind at the firing point as firing sticks in all sorts of calibres lined out.  On show we had .260 ackley improved, .300 win mag, .308, 6.5×47 and my own 6.5×55.  This was going to be an eventful day and no doubt one that might involve a few chosen words as targets escape the crosshairs.

Steyr On Point
Steyr On Point

Going The Distance

Cheaper & Just As Cheerful

Choosing An Economical Alternative

If you are a regular visitor to ‘Blunderbuss’ you will know that my choice of ammo for the ‘Annie 1710’ is somewhat off a shooting luxury.  I have shot Eley Tenex and up to 3 years ago in 2012 I changed to Lapua Centre X.  My move from Eley to Lapua was purely a financial decision as both ‘batch tested’ brands of Eley and Lapua shot exceptionally well and gave almost identical results on paper at 50 Metres.  However the Lapua Centre X was coming in at a lower cost per brick of 1000 rounds compared to the Eley Tenex.

A Cold Forged Champion

One Reason For This Season

Sodden autumnal leaves clung underfoot as the early morning chill stung my eyeballs when I stepped out into the day.  The conditions could not have been more perfect.  Animals where brought to their feet while the cold sweat of hardened steel crept slowly into each finger driving that mortal sensation through my bones.

From previous practise when the wind and rain lashed from the heavens you would be thinking to yourself ‘are you right in the head’ out shooting in this weather.  Well yes this is what we do; Silhouette Shooting is an everyday affair and not one to coward away when the first signs of summer leave our shores.  The seasonal change not only brings wind, rain, cold and mischievous grey skies to our range but it also brings the National Smallbore Rifle Silhouette Championships to BRC Shooting Club.

Forrest Foam Bore Clean, After A Range Day

Searching For That Ultimate Recipe

I have talked about this subject in previous posts such as Barrel Maintenance Bore Cleaning, Barrel Cleaning Marathon Or Sprint, Rifle Cleaning Never A Boring Topic  and I have also used a few cleaning solvents such as M-Pro 7 and BoreTech Eliminator following their regimen in the search for the Holy Grail of Fast Bore Cleaning.

Personally I would like to have my rifle bore, chamber and exterior cleaned within the hour and stored away for the next range visit rather than making cleaning a weekend project.

Steyr, Lapua, 600, Send It…

Steyr Performs Well At 600 Metres

Following on from my previous post, Long Time, Long Gun, Long Range I wanted to share a demonstration of my Steyr Pro Hunter Mk II, in action at the 600 Metre range.

If you have been following my previous posts and/or subscribed to my  ‘ShootNBreeze‘ YouTube Channel you will know that my ammo of choice for the Steyr 6.5×55 is the Lapua 139g Scenar Hollow Point Boat Tail *naked. 

From the prone position I am using a Harris Bi-Pod up front on the fore-end and a Rear Bag filled with sand tucked in under the Butt Stock.

Long Time, Long Gun, Long Range

Back At The 600 Metres

Many a wet and windy day has past since I last shot my Steyr ProHunter 6.5×55 at the 600 Metre Range.  So it was a delight to know the weather conditions were improving and the shoot was going ahead as planned.

With 50 hand-loads and a clean rifle I made my way to the meeting point.  I had a quick catch-up and chinwag with some fellow members before making my way up to the range.

My plan was to shoot steel plates at 600 Metres from the prone position using the bi-pod or front rest.

Mixed Bag @ 1st National Shoot of 2014

Full Details Of Personalities & Friendships

After a night of broken sleep due to a neighbourhood alarm on Sunday past, I washed the sleep from my eyes and headed up to the club to compete in my first National Silhouette Shoot of 2014.

Due to my late start all the early details had been assigned. It was good to see a large attendance of competitors side by side as all 6 bays had a full compliment of shooters. It really was a case of ‘the early bird catches the worm‘. There were shooters from four different clubs all eager to take on the might of the steel silhouette, East Coast Sporting Club, Eagles, Suirside Target Sports and our good selves BRC Shooting Club. A nice mix of personalities and friendships.

Forget Singing In The Rain, We’re Shooting In The Rain

Shooting In The Rain
Need I say more. I bet everyone here has done it at some stage in their competitive or hunting shoot.

I was taking part in our Club pistol shoot in the pouring rain on Sunday past. In all honesty it felt good being out there in the elements firing the Smithy.

Saturday Sighters
On the previous day I was up sighting in some new .22 Remington Target ammo. I had never shot this ammo before so I hadn’t any experience of its accuracy. As a backup I had 100 rounds of CCI ready and waiting in case this Remington didn’t perform, always have a Plan B.