Nill-Griffe Exceptional Grips

Standard Issue Smith & Wesson Grips

I will soon be celebrating the 1st Anniversary of my Smith & Wesson m-17 revolver.  This is a superbly crafted firearm with an ‘old school’ blued finish.  It is manufactured from cold hard steel, not a sign of polymer in sight.  I do enjoy shooting this tack driver but I find that there is some weight and balance conflicts with it when shooting with the original grips.  Due to the Revolver being heavy up front I find that the muzzle tends to dip as the wrist tires easily.  The standard issue S&W Grips are one size fits all and this does not work for me as I want my revolver for target shooting.

I asked a few friends who are into the customisation of firearms about replacement grips and I was pointed in the direction of a few producers but the one that caught my eye the most was Nill-Griffe.

Match Grips For Revolvers

While I frothed at the mouth browsing through the Nill-Griffe website I  finally settled on a set of Adjustable Match Grips for the Revolver.  The ergonomically formed grips meet the specifications of the International Olympic Association, the ISSF and other organisations and they came in different sizes.  To determine the size that would best suit your hand there are instructions on the website.

Hand Outline Sketch

This is an extract from the Nill-Griffe site. Make an outline sketch of your shooting hand as follows: Lay your elbow and your shooting hand flat and without pressure on an A4 sheet of paper.  Holding a thin ball-pen refill vertically to the paper trace with light pressure the life size contour of your hand. Then press your palm on the paper and draw the contour in a dotted line on the sheet.

Buying Online

Now that I found what I wanted, the credit card digits were tapped in and the grips ordered.  Within two weeks the grips were delivered and ready to be tested on my Smithy.  Below are the before and after pictures with the Standard S&W Grips on the Top and the Nill-Griffe Match Grips on the Bottom.

S&W Standard Grips
Nill-Griffe Match Grips

These Match Grips feel like they were custom made.  They fit perfectly.  I did spend a little extra for the Adjustable Foot option to ensure I had Grips that definitely fitted my hand.  The Match Grips are made of Walnut and have a very clean finish.

Making The Shot

I took my Smithy to BRC Shooting Club to see how well the new Match Grips performed under fire.  It was a tad breezy on the day so apologies for the sound quality in the video below.

This target was shot at a distance of 10 Metres using CCI 40 grain target ammo and as you can see it performed quite well at this distance.

If you are in the market for quality Match Grips or other fine Pistol and Revolver Grips then give some serious consideration to Nill-Griffe Grips.

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