Steyr, Lapua, 600, Send It…

Steyr Performs Well At 600 Metres

Following on from my previous post, Long Time, Long Gun, Long Range I wanted to share a demonstration of my Steyr Pro Hunter Mk II, in action at the 600 Metre range.

If you have been following my previous posts and/or subscribed to my  ‘ShootNBreeze‘ YouTube Channel you will know that my ammo of choice for the Steyr 6.5×55 is the Lapua 139g Scenar Hollow Point Boat Tail *naked. 

From the prone position I am using a Harris Bi-Pod up front on the fore-end and a Rear Bag filled with sand tucked in under the Butt Stock.

Acquiring The Target

Once I have the rifle in position, I use my left hand to squeeze/relax the rear sandbag to provide a fine increase or decrease in elevation that is required to bring the cross-hairs and target dot in the Leupold glass into the centre of the target area.  Once I have a firm (but not a strangle hold) grip with my right hand on the rifle and target acquisition has been achieved, I then gently squeeze back on the 2lb trigger to release the shot.

A gentle approach to all shooting disciplines is required, as any sudden movement when in position can upset your shot placement.

Now listen out for the distinctive thud as the bullet makes contact with the steel target.

*naked (non moly coated copper jacket bullet)

I hope you enjoyed watching this little video as much as I enjoyed the morning shoot.

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