Silhouette Practise Session

Punching Holes & Knockin’em Down

On Sunday past I had a club 100 Metre Prone Rifle Shoot to participate in which would take up part of my morning but I had also scheduled in some ‘me time‘ with Silhouette Practise for the afternoon as I am unavailable next weekend.

Rifle Fitting Is Key

The 100 Metre prone didn’t go as well as I had hoped as I was getting a lot of neck strain from my Silhouette Rifle setup.  I know my Prone setup is not ideal as my scope is mounted for the standing off-hand position.  This means the glass is closer to my eye when laying in Prone, therefore my head has to be raised and tilted back while shooting and the same position cannot be achieved consistently for each shot.  Nonetheless I did shoot a 184/200 and a 187/200 in my Prone, not a winning score but it was up there with the top of the class.

So I just have to suck it up, shut up or purchase a new rifle and scope for Prone, well maybe just suck it up for now.

A Wind Down Cuppa Green

With the Prone done and dusted I took a few minutes during the ceasefire to sup down a cup of green tea and sliced pear before donning my trusty Hardscrabble Mountain, Chris Winstead made silhouette jacket.

At The Line

Now settled into position I felt at ease as the rifle sat just nice for me with no battering wind to contend with.  I began knocking down Chickens 1,2,3,4,5 oh nice.  It felt so easy and relaxed! Moving onto Pigs I did miss the first one but dropped the remaining 9 with similar ease.  As this was a practise session I chatted for a bit with a friend who had just finished up shooting and was showing his 4 year old daughter the targets as they fell, before I charged the magazine and moved onto Turkeys.  Surprisingly they followed the example of the Pigs as 9 dropped to their knees into the dirt, I have not shot 9 Turkeys for a long time now.  ‘You’re very good‘ were the next words I heard.  It was my friends daughter who seemed just as impressed as I was.  She gave me a big smile and I told her she could be my good luck charm in two weeks at the National Shoot.  Next up were Rams at 100 Metres.  Unstoppable they tumbled with ease, bar one, he stood his ground as my shot evaporated beneath his feet.  A moment of focus lost.

A Magical 37

That was 37/40.  I had not shot a 37 in a long time, either in Practise or in a Match.  The closest I had been to 37 in recent times was a 35/40.  Trust me when I tell you I had a big smile on my face with that little display of shooting prowess.

Smallbore Rifle Silhouettes

What made it happen, was it just one of those magical days?  Maybe I could put it down to the Prone shooting where all the tension and competitive pressure had now been lifted.  Or would it be just those few moments for a cuppa Green Tea.  Maybe it was the encouraging words from a 4 year old girl, who knows.  If I could find that ‘shooting recipe‘ and bottle it then I would be on top of the world in Silhouette Shooting, not to mention one happy chappy.

Now Peter Pan get back into the real world, the National Shoot is on in a fortnight, lets focus on that.  PS. I will come armed with my Green Tea and fruit just in case that is the magic potion.

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