Long Time, Long Gun, Long Range

Back At The 600 Metres

Many a wet and windy day has past since I last shot my Steyr ProHunter 6.5×55 at the 600 Metre Range.  So it was a delight to know the weather conditions were improving and the shoot was going ahead as planned.

With 50 hand-loads and a clean rifle I made my way to the meeting point.  I had a quick catch-up and chinwag with some fellow members before making my way up to the range.

My plan was to shoot steel plates at 600 Metres from the prone position using the bi-pod or front rest.

Shooting 6.5x55 600 Metres September 2014 (5)
600 Metre Range Shooting Position

I was on the first detail so I got my kit ready prior to getting the all clear to Go-Live.

Walking The Shots In

I took a best guess at dialing in my Leupold Glass for the distance before taking a few optimistic shots at the steel plate.  With no hits on the plate I asked one of the other shooters who was on the spotting scope to help walk my shots into the target.  Kicking up dirt, my hits where being called low and in front of the target.  Adding elevation in increments with a dope of windage to the left,  I was ringing the plate shot after shot.

Shooting 6.5x55 600 Metres September 2014 (1)
Sighting In At 600 Metres

Once I was confident that I was on target I moved to a smaller 12 inch plate to test the accuracy and ability of my hand-loads, rifle and self.  I was bang on.  A stubborn wind rifling through the valley jostled the bullet on a few shots but I found the target more times than not.  I was happy with that.

Running Low On Ammo

A spit of rain was forming on the hill and the rumbles from my stomach told me that lunch time was looming, so I declared it time to take a break to let the barrel cool-down and grab some grub.

View Of 600 Metre Range
View From Shooting Point To Target Point

While my food was digesting I got back behind the rifle and started back at the steel plate.  Cross-hairs on target, rifle steady and secured, trigger squeezed gently, BANG. What do you think happened next? I’m gonna guess that you guessed correctly.  Yep my shot placement was gone.  No shot on target.  Four more shots followed and still nothing.  The most visible change was the weather.  The atmospheric pressure or wind rolling through the valley must have changed my entire shot placement? Shot after shot did not deliver that instinctive thud that I had grown to know from the cold steel.  Those shots fell short of the target as if my elevation on the scope had been lowered.  Scope settings had not changed, everything was rock steady.

With my ammo stock running low I was back to walking the shot in. Additional elevation soon found me reacquiring the steel just as the last of my rounds where chambered.

Shooting 6.5x55 600 Metres September 2014 (2)
139g Lapua Scenar HPBT

A relaxing detail of feeling the recoil of the 139g Scenar HPBT all the way to the 600 plate.

Lets see what the next 600 Metre range visit brings in the midst of Autumn #winteriscoming.

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