Forget Singing In The Rain, We’re Shooting In The Rain

Shooting In The Rain
Need I say more. I bet everyone here has done it at some stage in their competitive or hunting shoot.

I was taking part in our Club pistol shoot in the pouring rain on Sunday past. In all honesty it felt good being out there in the elements firing the Smithy.

Saturday Sighters
On the previous day I was up sighting in some new .22 Remington Target ammo. I had never shot this ammo before so I hadn’t any experience of its accuracy. As a backup I had 100 rounds of CCI ready and waiting in case this Remington didn’t perform, always have a Plan B.

Now Back To The Rain
Yes there was no let up in the rain. I had the hood up, the waterproof leggings on, boots laced up and the smithy on my hip but still the chill of the rain was getting in. All it all an average day at the range !!!

Trying to keep the paper targets dry ‘never mind myself’ we were ready to load up and fire. With the rain streaming down my hand towards the open Smithy cylinder I could do nothing but load as quickly as I could and get onto the sighter. Finding my front sight and keeping a somewhat tight steady grip I run the first 5 shots down the pipe. Finding that the group was developing at the 5 O’Clock position on the 6 & 7 rings. This is not where I wanted to be. Where did my 9 & 10 ring grouping from Saturday vanish?

With no time for mechanical adjustment, Kentucky windage was called into favour. I started to hold over fixing my front sight on the 9 O’Clock position on the same plane as the bullseye. There we go, the shots started to drop into formation fixing themselves to the 8, 9 and 10 ring. In these conditions this was a welcomed result even though it was just my non scoring sighter. I wasn’t getting any warmer or dryer so it was time to start shooting for score.

A forward facing shoulder width horse riding stance and smithy in an overlapping hand grip doing my best to hold it steady at 9 O’Clock I dropped the hammer and the Remington bullet made its way to the target. It was in the black. Which ring, well that was more difficult to tell. It was either the centre of the 8 ring. Just keep shooting on target was Plan A.

No breaks to check shot placement I continued on instinct. Only when I dropped a shot into the white ring was I able to get a better picture of my target. I was doing better than I had expected giving the conditions.

A Few In The 6’s & 7’s
Well my perfection is yet to be mastered. I did not score all 9’s and 10’s no matter who would tell this tale. There were a few shots in the whites off the 6 & 7 rings. Just enough to make a difference. Drapped over the backs of chairs, the soaking wet targets hung like pool side beach towels as they dried off before the final scores were tallied. Tick tock runs the clock but a mug of tea would drive a bit of heat back into the bones partnered with a few chocolate biscuits for dunking.

I’m Happy With That
With a follow up txt to Stats that evening I got a pleasant surprise to discover that I was placed 2nd overall in the days shoot with a score of 352 just 2 points behind the 1st place shooter.

Gives me hope that I can improve and using the Remington Target ammo which was not as expensive as the CCI Target might well encourage more range time to make the improvements needed.

Now it’s time to field strip the Smithy, dry it out and apply some oil for its next outing.

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