Target Rifle – Prone Shooting

Fighting With 100 Yards

Just a few weeks into the 2014 BRC Shooting Club calendar year and we have already held our New Year Shoot and a 100 yard Sporting & Target Rifle Shoot.  It’s the Target Rifle that I will focus on here.

With those little black eyes staring back at you from the 100 yard line the Open Sights Target can become a beast if not tamed.  I thought well I am here I may as well give it a lash.

A driving wind and patchy rain was out of control first from the left to right then back to front squalling as it delivered an unpleasant experience to our competition day.

I had strapped myself into the Anschutz Target Rifle and once the command to Fire was given I got underway with the sighter.  Sighter ahh yes indeed.  These sights were nowhere near the zero.  Was it my lack of experience with peep sights, the crazy ass wind or were the sights just off.

With only 20 minutes to get the rifle sighted and shoot two 10 shot bullseyes time was eating away with every sighter shot.  Finally after 20 plus sighter shots I just had to move onto my first target to get some scores on the board before the clocked ticked zero.  Spotting the shots as they were fired I could see that I was out to the right.  The time for adjusting was over.  Just keep shooting, get a group and make it count.  The simplicity of shooting was gone, it just wasn’t happening for me.

Inexperienced and Confused With Apetures

Thinking that L meant Left and R meant Right I turned the windage setting Left a few clicks rifled of another shot again more left that shot was hard to find.  My continued adjustment was heading of in the wrong direction.  I finally realised a couple of my shots had left the paper as I found a half moon created at the end of my target.  L in this case meant Right turn Right!!! Now come on who would have ever guessed that.  

Now with my final 5 shots I gave that windage about a dozen clicks in the opposite direction and finally I found it, there it was.  I found a bullseye and a few helpful 9’s with the last 5 shots.  God almighty, what an episode.

Experience is most definitely key to shooting well in Target Rifle.  My left hand was full of pins & needles from the numbness of holding the beast.  This animal had beaten me down. My target looked like it had been attacked by an out of control power drill and the score was none to impressive.  Suffice to say I dropped in at the bottom of the score board #sadface.


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