Shooting The Smithy…

It’s Only 10 Metres I Know… But, It’s A Smooth Shooter!!!

Thought I would show of my new addition to the Gun Room, ‘when I say Gun Room I really mean a small Gun Safe’.

S&W m-17 .22lr
S&W m-17 .22lr

Here I am at BRC Shooting Club with my Smith & Wesson m-17 in .22lr calibre.  I have removed the original Smith & Wesson grips and upgraded it with Nill-Griffe walnut grips that are ISSF Standard.  These grips really do allow for a natural shooting position and it gives the Revolver an excellent balance in the hand.

Single Action

I am shooting in single action to help reduce movement while acquiring the target.  I did attempt Double Action but decided not to put that target on show.  My Double Action Shooting needs a little more work.

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