Focusing On The Negative Shots, Why?

An Irish Thing Or A Viral Thing!

Is it an Irish thing to focus on the negative shots and results with very little time given to celebrating and focusing on the positive shots.  ‘You missed a Chicken, a Pig, a Turkey, a Ram; what happened? are just some of the sound bites breaking the air at the silhouette range.  Granted I have made similar comments in the past, it’s true, I’m not a saint.


I ask myself why did I lose that shot when I believed I had a good sight picture and shot execution?  Did I dip my shoulder or my elbow just as I squeezed back on the trigger? Did I talk myself into missing that shot? Was I thinking did I plug out the kettle before leaving the house this morning? Why, why!!!

To Infinity And Beyond

There are infinite scenarios that could be asked as to why a shot was lost. Infinite! can you imagine how an untrained and negative mind would sit there processing every negative scenario that it could conjure up, what a waste of time, the shot is gone.

Is it possible to forget the unsuccessful shot as quickly as it is to forget the successful shot?

Shoot Positive

This is why positive scenarios need to be studied, practiced and at hand immediately to take the place of those negative thoughts.  If you fill the mind with positive affirmations or immediately get back into your shot setup then there is less room for anything else to creep in.  Stay focused.

Post Match

It is always best to take a moment after the event and ask yourself those Why? questions.  This is where you will have more time to reflect on them honestly, maybe put in place some changes that need to be made and to finally let them go.

Shooting is an enjoyable sport and there is always another day to compete against yourself.

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