What’s Your Approach To Competitive Shooting?

The #Aggressive Or #Subdued Approach?

From my days as a Rookie in 2001, I believe I have grown in experience at the Silhouette Range.  With this experience I have tended to approach matches on a more relaxed but alert state, compared to the overexcited newbie in days gone by.  

Although in making that sweeping declaration, I have noticed that on my off-days my attention was subdued, due to tiredness or diet, it is hard to tell because of an irregular sleep pattern?  On those days I would knowingly let a sight picture drift off and hoped that the bullet would find its own path too knocking the target from its feet, ‘wishful thinking on my part’.  

Self Examination!

Recently on examining my results and limited range time I declared that I would make a change to my shooting approach.  I began to think more consciously of ‘lets attack this target with controlled aggression and frame that perfect sight picture‘.  This allowed me to discard old thoughts and the ‘what if’ scenarios from my mind.  Each set of 5 targets were now reduced too ‘this is a single target with a single shot, no past, no future’.  

No Silver Bullet

By no means was this attacking method a silver bullet that allowed me to suddenly begin shooting 40/40 scores; God No.  However I did see an improvement in my alertness, target acquisition and shot placement which has led to a small but growing increase in performance.  Over time if I can continue to apply and develop this self centred focus for each individual shot then perhaps I will drop that elusive 40/40 that we all seek.

Food For Shot

I will also be keeping a track of my diet as I do believe that all food and drink intake does have an effect on my body such as the caffeine in green tea (I’m a big green tea fan and drinker) and the sugars in morning cereals and fruits.  Even food intake from the day prior to my shooting can have an effect on how I eat on the day of a competitive shoot or at a practice session.

Where There’s Life There’s Hope

I will come back to this topic later in the season to update you on my findings.  I just hope that I can improve and find that extra 1% to build on over the next few months.  Competition is hotting up as is the Irish weather #summersunshine

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