Success At BRC 32nd Anniversary Shoot

A Tight Contest @ BRC Shooting Club

On Sunday last BRC Shooting Club held its 32nd Anniversary and to celebrate the club hosted the third year of its Annual Shoot, which was introduced to mark the milestone off its 30th Anniversary.

3 Diciplines

The shoot consisted of 3 disciplines; prone 50 Metres, prone 100 Yards and topped with 40 Silhouettes (now that we have the Rams restored and standing proud in all their glory).

23 to 1

With a field of 23 Shooters the competition was knife-edge.  It was no mean feat to wager prior to the match who would come out on top spot and have their name carved into the Perpetual Trophy.

I had been rumoured as a favourite due to my win the previous week, but in all honesty there were a number of shooters who could score high on the day as they are highly skilled in the prone disciplines.

Silhouette Glory

I lined out for my 40 silhouettes. However with an uncomfortable first shot rising over the back of the chicken I managed to drop a total of 30/40. Disappointment had to be canned as I missed a few of the obvious chickens and pigs on the way through not to mention the torturous turkeys and Rams.  Still all in all I was pleased with a 30/40 for my first competitive test at the full presentation of animals.

Prone To Shoot

Now squeezed into my Jacket and Sling with Scope adjusted forward for the prone position I was ready to take on the sighters and bulls-eyes of the 50 Metre and 100 Yard cards.  Happy with my sighters at 50 Metres I began to fire for score.  Shots one, two and three all followed an identical trajectory and nicely pierced the bull.  I began to think could this be a 5 shot bull.  With two remaining shots I worked hard at holding my shooting position and rifled of the remaining shots.  Both shots followed the example of their predecessors and found their way to the bull, which drew a cautious but satisfying smile across a thirsting lip.

With a change in position for the following bulls I wasn’t so accurate.  I could see the target dancing in the scope as my pulse beat a rhythm from my arm to the sling.  I did what I could to shoot between the beats but unfortunately a few shots found the nine rings, eating away any advantage I might have gained from the silhouettes.

Just as the last few seconds on the clock ticked by, my final two shots had spoilt an almost perfect 2nd 50/50. They too had strayed into the orbiting nine ring.  Handing in the card, I knew I had scored a respectable 189/200

Easing off on the arm stress I decided to take the allowed 5 minute break between cards before settling in to shoot the 100 Yards.

Again my sighters proved my rifle; it was down to me to prove the shooter.  I began shooting for score and with 10 shots per target I was happy with my result.  Scoring a majority of nines and bulls bar one silly wayward and over compensated shuffle leaving me with an eight ring shot.  I had tallied a happy 190/200.

As the surrounding competitors shot their match, my competitive day had run its course.  I could do no more but enjoy a mug of green tea and wait for the burgers that were sizzling nicely on the BBQ to quell the longing for hot food to grace my plate by Alan Fitz, our stats officer come chef.

Rewards & Awards

Fed and watered, everyone gathered into the clubhouse for a few words from our Chairman and discover who was the top shooter on the day.

In 3rd Place and with a round of applause was Alan Fitz.  In 2nd Place and a continued applause was my good self Matthew Canning.  With 1st place and overall winner on the day going to Ciaran.  The cheers vibrated of the walls, it was a memorable event.

The top three shots on the day did not just make this memorable but it was the attendance and interactions between everyone that participated in the day that make our club, sport and hobby what it is today, a fun day out with good company that can be enjoyed by everyone.

The spoils of my 2nd Place.

BRC 32nd Anniversary Shoot - 2nd Place Trophy
BRC 32nd Anniversary Shoot – 2nd Place Trophy



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