Shaky Start But A Steady Finish

National Classification Shoot @ BRC

On Sunday past I entered my first National Shoot of the season.  I was looking forward to it as we have our Rams back in position at BRC.  ‘Yes the Rams return are a big talking point believe me‘.

I lined out for my 1st detail.  All set to rock n roll.  However as my first shot didn’t upset Mr Chicken. I was kind of thrown.  I thought I had him bang on in my sights, but it wasn’t to be.  Working through the remainder of the Chickens I managed to score a meager 6/10.  Not a good start at all.  I told myself to try harder which did produce a few more focused shots on the Pigs and the first line of Turkeys, but a spike in adrenaline took over and flooded my chest and heart with anxiety.  Struggling I managed to drop a single Turkey from 5.  Rams were Rams some fell some did not.  I had let the unsuccessful shots enter my mind at a time when I should have been solely focused on making the next hit.

I walked out of there with a Shaky Performance and a score too match, 27/40 in Smallbore Silhouette Rifle.

Smallbore Hunting Rifle – Time For Improvement

With the decision taken to go with a more aggressive but controlled approach I wanted to make this round count.  During the break I had a little slow release energy food to keep my muscles fed and stomach satisfied just enough to prevent it growling like a tiger while trying to find my prey.  ‘I couldn’t afford another rush of sugary coated blood to the head and heart’.  I needed to stand firm and shoot strong.

As the command to Make Ready and Fire was given, once again I worked my way through the Chickens.  This time scoring a few extra points.  Similar scenario with the Pigs and Turkeys.  I could see that my self talk and motivation was having a positive effect on my shooting.  The rifle was resting easier and my breathing had developed a little finer control.

Working into the Rams I was determined to take each one down with care and precision.  The first bank of 5 were dispatched quickly with shots ranging from the Head and Horns to the Rump.  A little more care was needed to ensure a centre mass shot.  Moving to the upper 5 Rams I had to keep my shots alert.  From trigger release to shot impact I could watch Rams 1,2 3 and 4 drop with ease.  It was the final Ram that dropped a spanner in the works, as my shot coasted over its back.  I was a little disappointed with that shot, but happy with its successful predecessors as I scored 9/10 Rams giving me a much improved score of 33/40 in Smallbore Hunting Rifle.

A Shooting Summary

All in all it was a day of two attitudes and results.  The first detail was not as successful as I had hoped it would be.  My measurement of success based  solely on my shooting from the previous week and practice on Saturday.  However my second detail did shine with some signs of progress as I increased my shot count by 6 bringing me into the 30’s which is a much more respectable scoring area for a Master Class shooter.  I do believe my mental approach on the second detail brought those results and it will be something I can take from this day into my practice and next match.

Keep an eye open for my update in July.

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