Case Trimming With Wilson

The LE Wilson Case Trimmer

Up until last week I had not seen or used my very accurate and expensive LE Wilson case trimmer to finish off my annealed and clean brass for some time now.  So it was time to dust it down and get it back on the Case Prep Bench where it belongs.

Finders Keepers

I had thought I had misplaced the 6.5×55 Case Holder for the trimmer but in the same breath I knew it wasn’t too far away.  I searched through a few boxes of reloading kit looking for it and voila, it was hiding away in its small original box.  ‘Yes, it was the last place I thought of looking‘.

In my efforts to tidy up my reloading kit in 2012 I must have thought this was a good place to store it while I waited for VV N160 Powder that just didn’t come for months on end.

Cutting It Fine

With a new battery in my Micrometer and the Wilson Case Trimmer back on the bench I could now trim down some 50 cases of clean 6.5×55 brass that I had for loading.

After some sizing up and minor adjustments to the cutting depth I finally locked the ‘Case Stop’ down into place with my trimming measurement set to 2.157 inches for the recommended 6.5×55 case length.

6.5x55 Case Measurement
6.5×55 Case Measurement

Never Let Your Case Length Grow Beyond the Recommended Size Specified In Your Loading Manual.  This can cause cases not to chamber fully and stop the bolt from closing. If the case does chamber then you may cause dangerously high pressures to built up as the powder burns when fired.This is due to the case neck being squeezed tightly against the bullet as there is no room in the chamber to allow the case neck to expand to release the bullet.

It was time to drop in a case and start cutting.  Those 50 cases took only a few minutes to trim off whatever excess was needed.  Not all cases needed to have brass removed.

 LE Wilson Case Trimmer In Action
LE Wilson Case Trimmer In Action

A Quick Chamfer And I’m Done

Once I Chamfered of the sharp straight edge from the case mouth the cases were now ready to be primed and loaded for the fun times to come.


Thank you Steven.

Apologies for only replying now and please feel free to take a wander through my posts and other videos. Feedback welcome.


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