BRC & Lifford Members Annual Shoot

50 Metres, 100 Yards & 20 Silhouettes

With an annual invitation extended to the Lifford RPSC, Co. Donegal, BRC Shooting Club were excited to host a 3 discipline shoot on Sunday 9th June.

The event consisted of 1 x 50 Metre card {with 4 bullseye targets}, 1 x 100 Yard card {with 2 bullseye targets} and 20 silhouettes {with 5 Chickens, 5 Pigs, 5 Turkeys & 5 Rams} (Yes indeed, we have our Rams back in place and it’s great to see them standing proud albeit at the shorter distance of 98 Metres)

Sunny Attendance

With the Sunshine glistening in every corner of the land it was good to see a high attendance for the day.  Six members from Lifford RPSC made the 3hr & 5hr journey from the north west of the emerald isle to BRC Shooting Club, Dublin on the east coast

Details Line Out

With the shooting details taking shape both members from BRC and Lifford got their sighting shots on paper and the competition could begin proper.

Some good scores where coming in after the 50 Metre card had been shot but it would be the 100 Yard and silhouettes that open the pack and decide the front runners for the day.

My Own Shots

Personally my silhouettes went well with a score of 16/20 dropping 5 Rams from their feet was my highlight.

As I began my 50 Metre card I was happy with my sighters.  When I shot for score I was better than impressed as my shots dropped into the bull and surrounding 9 ring.  It was here that I shot what looked to be a perfect 50/50, but it would be the statistics officers who would either confirm or deny me that score.  I was sure it was a 50 but it wouldn’t be until the scores were announced that it would be confirmed or denied.

As the 100 Yard scores came in I was also in the running with only one shot landing in the 8 ring and all others laid to rest in the 9 and 10 rings.  My 100 yard card had some very consistent shot placement and a wide grin off acceptance from myself.


Multi-Discipline Shoots have always been great events to take part in as it puts on display many shooting skills of prone and standing.  ‘It is said that the bench will prove the rifle but it is the standing that proves the shooter’.  This is most definitely the case when it comes to Metallic Silhouette Shooting and I love it.

Out On Top

As the day drew to a close and the formalities of awards began I knew I was coasting in around the top shots.  Only when my scores were announced I found myself placed 1st and the overall winner on the day.  My scores of 191/200 at 50 Metres, 193/200 at 100 Yards and 16/20 in Silhouettes had edged me onto the Top Step of the Podium.  My 50/50 target was also confirmed.  I was awarded the score and a 50 Metre Badge of Merit from our Shooting Club.  It was my first competitive 50/50 score.

50Metre Merit Badge 5 Shots In The Bullseye
50Metre Merit Badge 5 Shots In The Bullseye

A successful days shooting indeed; not to mention good company and absolutely perfect sunshine.

Next weekend BRC Shooting Club will host its 32nd Anniversary and another 3 Discipline Shoot which is an honour to compete in and win.

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