RifleCraft – Distributors Of BoreTech Inc

BoreTech Inc Products Available From The UK

I have wrote extensively on the subject off BoreTech Cleaning Products that I use to maintain my firearms, Why! because their products work!

For your convenience here are some of the previous posts that I have published on this topic:

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In the past I sourced my BoreTech Products directly from BoreTech in the USA which left me with a high overhead in expense when shipping to Ireland. Since then I have learned off an established UK company called RifleCraft who are based in Norfolk.  RifleCraft supply all the BoreTech Solvents and Accessories needed for Proper Firearms Maintenance; which is fantastic news as my shipping time and costs should be slightly reduced now for my next order even though its a Sterling to Euro exchange rate.

You can also avail of other products from RifleCraft such as Rifles, Scopes & Mounts, Tactical Clothing etc…

Order Online Or By Phone

The RifleCraft website allows you to sign up online so that you can create an account.  You can then continue to shop and choose your items to drop into the online shopping cart.

Word of Caution!!!

I have found that you might want to be careful if placing an order for the larger items such as BoreTech, Bore Stix as these will require delivery ‘by Parcel Force if delivering to the UK’ possibly at an increased cost compared to the normal Postal Service.  My advice in this case is to Phone in your order and speak with a representative to ensure you get your complete P&P Shipping Costs and no nasty surprises on your credit card.

Right, it’s time for me to drop a few more items into the Online Cart, shoot it, clean it…


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