Lots To Shoot So Little Time…

Assorted Ammo On ‘Funday’ Sunday

As I had a little job lot of assorted ammo I thought what would be the best way to spend it.  Top of the list was a little Ruger Mark 1 pistol and a paper target.

Ruger Mark 1 and Assorted Ammo
Ruger Mark 1 and Assorted Ammo

ISSF Style Shooting

Due to my Anschutz becoming very posh and not wanting any ‘working class ammo‘ run down its bore, I had an idea to run this little job lot of ammo down the bore of a borrowed pistol instead.  I wasn’t going to set up any tests of any kind such as velocity or accuracy it was all just for a ‘Funday’ Sunday at the range.  I wanted to shoot this ammo using the Olympic Style ISSF Pistol Shooting Discipline.  That’s one arm ‘the shooting arm’ outstretched and the other tucked by my side or in a pocket, standing side on to the target.

Surprising Results

I was quite surprised how that little Ruger Mark 1 felt in my hand.  It was light the recoil was very minimal and it was a damn pleasure too shoot.  I loaded 5 rounds at a time and sent them toward the SBR (Small Bore Rifle) Pig target that stood 15 Metres down range.

There where some good hits and as we all know the mysterious misses.  As I said above I wasn’t shooting for accuracy or velocity I just wanted to enjoy a non scientific morning & afternoon at the range.

SBR Pigs At 15 Metres
SBR Pigs At 15 Metres

100% Enjoyment

You might ask did I achieve that enjoyment? The answer is definitely yes beyond a doubt I did indeed.  It’s only Tuesday and I’m looking forward to ‘Funday’ already.  I still have another 200 assorted rounds to let loose.  This time I will shoot at some form of bulls-eye target to see what I can achieve at 15 Metres and maybe even try a few shots at 50 Metres with the ISSF Style Shooting.

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