Getting An Interest In ISSF

The ISSF Channel

Since attending the London Olympics Shooting Events in August 2012 I have become more and more interested in the ISSF Target Shooting disciplines.  So much so that I tune into the ISSF Channel on YouTube to get my discipline fix.

I have always been a firm believer in studying and practicing multiple shooting disciplines.  This allows me to take something from those disciplines and build it into my own chosen shooting sports to experiment with.

ISSF Prone Rifle

The Prone position in rifle has given me some nice little tips to work with.  I would like to share a couple of them with you.  In Prone the body position is critical.  As we all have different body shapes and sizes it is important to find a position that is ideal for your shooting.  Personally as I am a right handed shooter I bring my right knee forward towards my waist but lie at a 20/30 degree angle to the left of the target.  I have found that this position allows me to position the butt of the rifle in with a tight fit to my shoulder pocket, this knee position gives my body a foundation and balance that prevents me from tilting over to the right which is the case if I were to have both legs stretched out and in line with my spine.  The 2nd tip that I picked up is to keep the bolt closed even on a shot case until you are ready for the following shot, this keeps the chamber and barrel warm; as a fluctuating temperature in the barrel can change the impact of that following shot.

ISSF Standing Pistol

This is a recent discovery for me as I have not been involved with Pistol Shooting for long.  I want to try the technique of one handed shooting where raising the pistol from a 45 degree starting angle vertically to 45 degrees above the target then lower the Pistol to the Point Of Aim.  My Pistol shooting to-date has been with the two handed grip standing face on to the target. This does work for me but if I don’t try the Olympic Style technique then I wont know if it’s an improvement or not, ‘It’s worth a shot‘.

Do you shoot or have you tried the ISSF Shooting Disciplines; if so, what is your experience of it?  Drop me a comment below.



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