Under Lock & Key

Why Trigger Locks?

Up until recently I was a bit dismissive of the firearms trigger lock, an unnecessary expense and a little cumbersome were two reasons.  I thought why do I need one when I am the only person handling my firearms!  I take them from the safe, they are always unloaded until ready to be fired at the range and they are placed back in the safe ‘any bolt action rifle has the Bolt and Magazine removed and the firearm is unloaded before leaving the range

Two weeks ago that all changed when I learned of a tragedy; this got me thinking and to re-examine my firearms security from a different perspective.

Security Rethink

To re-examine my security I began to ask myself the following questions:

Who knows ‘what‘ about my firearms ownership?

Is my safe fixed securely to a solid wall?

Who could possibly gain access to my firearms from ‘safe to range and back again‘?

Where do I keep my keys?

When is the firearm out of the safe for other use such as maintenance and cleaning?

How is my firearm transported to the car and transported to the range?

Is my bolt stored in the uncocked position?

Is my ammo easily accessible to anyone other than me?

Trigger Locks
Trigger Locks

Additional Layer Of Security

When I thought over and answered these questions that I put to myself I decided that I would invest in the trigger lock to build that additional layer of security into my own firearm as a personal choice.    I know that I do not need immediate access to my firearm as it’s for sporting and competitive shooting purposes only.  Therefore the advantages of a trigger lock for me outweigh the disadvantages of not having one.

These words are not here to direct anyone in any single direction.  My conscience won me over in making my choice and I am happy with my decision.

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