Shooting An 1891 Gustaf 6.5×55

The Real Swede

I had the pleasure of running a half dozen rounds of factory 6.5×55 down the tube of a well seasoned 1891 (matching numbers) Carl Gustaf on a very unseasonable chilly Easter Sunday morning.

A fellow shooting enthusiast from our club had recently purchased this fine firearm after a well established mission to seek one out at the recent British Shooting Show that we attended on February 9th & 10th.

Sights At 300

Due to the default factory setting for the iron sights being set at 300 yards I had to aim almost 18 inches low at 100 yards for the shot to drop in on the bullseye target.  I can safely say that a black ringed bullseye target at 100 yards is a difficult target to acquire with the naked eye as the light can play tricks with you.

Carl Gustaf 1891 6.5x55 Rifle
Carl Gustaf 1891 6.5×55 Rifle

Ready To Fire

With a few elevation adjustments to the front and rear rests, cheek placement and sight acquisition I was ready to ‘send one’ rifling down the tube.

With a long draw back on the trigger I could feel it engage for the final squeeze.  Bang off she went. The recoil felt smooth as it drew back toward my shoulder pocket.  I had expected the rifle to jump up and out at the front but no; that wasn’t the case at all.  The bolt was smooth to work as I stripped another round from the magazine.  My shot placement was about 3 inches shy and south of the target centre but I thought it was a good shot for my first time out.  With the next round I managed to drop it in the 9 ring ‘of course I meant it’ it wasn’t a lucky shot :D’  The following couple of shots were bang on with elevation but 5 inches off at three o’clock.

I think I want an old ‘dads army’ Mauser now.

An Admirable Sport

Shooting open sights is indeed a fine art and one I think that has captured by heart.  Let’s not get carried away now; I still enjoy scoped modern rifle shooting very much but the romance of the open sight shooting is an enjoyable and admirable sport that I hope to get more involved in.

Stephen McCann

Oh you jammy git, wish I could get my hands on one of them.

Bring on the big range. I think a run to specsavers might finally b in order lol.

Swedish style….

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