Lapua & Anschutz Batch Testing

An Alternative St Patrick’s Day 

I had a shooters alternative St Patrick’s Day this year.  There was no mid afternoon pints of the ‘Black Stuff’ on offer just lots of ‘Golden Nuggets’ of Lapua Centre X brass casings on display.

Four weeks ago I brought my Anschutz 1710 along for what is becoming an annual event of Lapua Batch testing to Dungannon Rifle & Pistol Club.  In 2012 I had great success with my selected Lapua Centre X as I obtained great shooting results to secure 1st Place and both National Smallbore Rifle Silhouette Shooting Titles including the Aggregate Title.  I am now hoping to retain those Titles in 2013 and I feel that Lapua Centre X married with my Anschutz 1710 can help me to obtain those Shooting Golds.

Big Rig 1

I arrived early to ensure I had time to meet with the organisers from Intershoot and also to remove my barrel and action from its MacMillan Stock so it was ready to be viced up in Big Rig 1 and ready for testing at Noon; my scheduled hour.

Anschutz Barrel In Vice
Anschutz Barrel In Vice

To get the best possible results from the electronic target reading on an outside range, Intershoot had constructed a 50 Metre tunnel with a tarpaulin covering that also gave shelter to the firing point.  At the firing point the Lapua Test Engineers had their computer and software setup with a cable running the 50 Metre length to the target that controlled the electronic sensors.

Lapua Testing Tunnel
Lapua Testing Tunnel

Lets Get Testing

Once the barrel was bore sighted a few test shots where run through to ensure the target sensors were recording the shot.  When satisfied with the setup the Lapua Engineer began the test sequence of 10 shots of Lapua Centre X ammunition from each of the 20 different batches he had available.  Quick math tells me ‘that is 200 rounds of ammunition in the first sequence’.

The Second Run

From the 20 batches tested the Lapua engineer then selected the best shot groups from the previous results.  Those batches of Lapua Centre X that produced these groups were then tested again to reduce the selection further in search of that best possible group and batch of ammunition for my Sporting Anschutz.

The Final Two

Finally the Lapua engineer had reduced the testing to two very good grouping batches.  We had found a batch that could consistently produce nine very tightly grouped shots with the tenth straying into the nine ring.  This was the best group that my Anschutz could produce.

I had commented saying “if I can shoot nine from ten bulls in competition I would be well impressed“.

Electronic Batch Testing
Electronic Batch Testing

All Done!

My Anschutz had chosen its new batch of buddies for 2013 and depending on my shooting activities I might just stretch the best part of 2014 out of this batch also.  I’m looking forward to a successful 2013 shooting season :D and wish everyone a successful shooting season also.

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