Ejection Not Rejection!

Altering Anschutz Match 54 Action Ejector

Ejecting an empty Lapua Centre X or Eley Tenex .22 case from my Anschutz 1710 has become a bit of a nuisance lately as approximately 3 from ever 5 cases ejected will flop around like a fish out of water and spill back into the breech and loading port. This becomes a problem when a fresh round is chambered as the spent brass gets caught up in the bolt face or breech and can also strip lead from the fresh round which could cause the bullet to lose accuracy.  This problem can also knock you out of your shooting position as you look to clear the empty brass from the loading port.

New Components

I thought a new ejector and extractor from Anschutz would have resolved this problem of brass not ejecting clearly from the breech but it wasn’t to be.

Friends On-line

A friend in my Shooting Club ‘BRC Shooting Club‘ pointed me towards Steel Chickens and Rimfire Central as he came across this same dilemma posted online. So off I went in search of the fix. Thanks to a number of posts and comments of Steel Chickens and Rimfire Central members who have come up with and spread the word of a solution that works for them. Their adventurous enthusiasm is worth much recognition.  My thoughts are if it works for them then lets see if it works for me.

Single File Please

As I read over a number of online posts and examined photos and diagrams the solution was relatively simple to apply. Firstly I had to disassemble the bolt to remove the ejector and extractor and with a metal file remove the smallest amount of material (hardened steel) bit by bit from the inside portion of the L shape at the rear of the ejector and then reassemble the bolt and try a few shots to see if the amount of material removed was adequate or not to eject and spit the empty brass clear from the loading port and breech. If this was adequate then job done, ‘Bobs your uncle‘ if not then repeat the previous steps, until the empty brass cleared the loading port shot after shot.

For more information on what has been done, tune into the Video below.


This video is not for instructional purposes of any description. Always get a registered and qualified gunsmith to work on your firearm. I take no responsibility for any damage of any type you might do to your firearm and / or your person.

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