Club Silhouette Shoot March 24th

Not Just Cold Turkey @ BRC But Cold Fingers Too

BRC Shooting Club held their 2nd Club Silhouette Shoot of the Calendar year yesterday on March 24th, 2013.  We had a tidy little attendance considering the cold snap of weather biting every extremity that lay unwrapped and exposed, especially the trigger finger.

It’s very important to keep the blood warm and flowing in your trigger finger to ensure that you can feel that moment when your trigger is about to release / break.

I arrived at the club in time to take a vacant spot on the first detail, confident that my Anschutz 1710 and partnering Lapua Centre X was bang on target with tack driving accuracy at Chickens standing 40 Metres from my muzzle.  No sighting in shots required.

Let The Lead Be Free

Once the Ready and Fire command sounded, my scope framed the first Chicken with perfect infinity and composition as a shot rifled down the cold tube finding a direct hit too the chest.  My match had begun.  Nine shots later and all 10 Chickens had been toppled from their podium.  My Anschutz had behaved and sat well for me to convert every shot into a score.

My first shot on Pigs turned that little guy into a bacon strip, but my focus had let the following two shots ride low and wide.  Happily I recovered the remaining shots to tally 8 from 10.

Thirty Is All We Got Right Now

While we wait to get some range work completed at BRC Shooting Club we have no Rams to complete a long awaited 40 shot match, therefore we shoot the 30 that are available which gives us a finish on Turkeys, everyone’s favourite ‘said with high volumes of underlying sarcasm‘.

Good fortune had found us shooting in cold conditions only.  The high winds, rain and snow that had found other parts of the country had left us in harmonious tranquility.

It was time to go Cold Turkey at 77 Metres.  I had a confidence in myself that I could produce a good hold and well placed shot to ‘stuff those Turkeys with March Madness’.  One by one the first 5 fell.  It was a sight to behold.  The following 5 began to follow the same fate until I overcooked the 2nd shot this ‘Turkey Jerkeys’  giblets were now lead free.

Final Count

With an additional minute remaining on my timer, I was done.  My match was over.  As I reset my turrets and objective I looked down range with a quiet smile.  Today my score was not so complicated to tally up.  I had scored a very welcome 27 /30.  I was well pleased with that result especially after dropping two shots on those unforgiving Pigs.  The Silhouette Gods where kind to me this day.

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