Prone 50 Metre Sporting Rifle Shooting

 Anschutz Tack Driver at 50 Metres

As Silhouette shooting season is over for 2012, I usually try my hand at prone sporting rifle shooting where I slip on a canvas target rifle shooting jacket and a sling.

BRC Shooting Club can facilitate 50Mtr and 100 Yrds bench rest and prone rifle shooting from within the confines of the shooting gallery.

As I have said in previous posts silhouette shooting can aid in the development of other shooting sports, as a silhouette shooter will shoot standing and in the off-hand position without the aid of a tight fitting jacket or sling.  Off-hand shooting can develop your balance, sight picture, point of aim, trigger control and more importantly your breathing.

Anxious Moments

Somehow I don’t feel the stresses and anxiety in 50Mtr prone shooting that I do with Silhouette shooting.  Most likely because I have higher expectations of myself in my prefered shooting sport of Silhouettes than in Prone shooting.

Scores Are Scores

But putting all that to one side I thought I would share my results thus far with you of my 50Mtr prone adventures.

Over the past few Sundays I have shot scores of 186, 190, 191, 196, 194 and 194 from a total of 200.

Target With 5 Shots On Bull
Target With 5 Shots On Bull

What is 50Mtr Prone Shooting

The ‘aim’ of 50Mtr sporting rifle prone shooting is to fire 5 shots into each bullseye target (scored as 50 points) on a large paper target that consists of two sighter bullseye targets and four shooting for score bullseye targets.  The targets are located 50 Metres in distance from the firing line.

The art in prone shooting is your consistency to hold your shooting position as you move from target to target after each 5 shot string has been fired.  A slight movement or less tension on the sling or rifle cheek piece can result in a shot dropping into the 9 ring or less.

Prone shooting is an enjoyable sport and completely different to Silhouette shooting and I believe it is a good thing to practise more than one shooting sport as each one has its merits and you can develop fully as a shooter if you get involved in more than one shooting sport.

Prone Shooting Position
Prone Shooting Position

Go on give it a go.  See how you get on.  Remember you only compete with your mind no one else.


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