6.5×55 @ 600Yrds

Dingers & Ringers

I had an enjoyable morning at the 300 and 600 Yrd range the other weekend.  Up with the Gods in the Sperrins I was hoping the font end of the car wasn’t going to disappear down a shuck or a rock was going to rip open the undercarriage as I weaved my way in convoy to the 600 Yrd Range.

After the inital talk and target setup I began sighting in on 300 yrds from a prone position using a harris bipod with extendible legs to give me the height I needed for the shots to cross the valley.

Once I began to hit the paper and a steel plate further out, I moved my gear back up to the 600 Yrd line and began to walk my shots in on the 600 Yrd plates until I began to score on the plate.

I really enjoyed those long range shots as the recoil of the rifle is so much less when out in the open air and the report of the 6.5 is carried through the valley.  It really is a comfortable calibre to shoot.  I was shooting the Lapua 139g HPBT backed up with Vhitavouri N160.

Our chairman had said he hopes to get back to the 600 Yrd range before the bad weather drops in for the Winter.  So I now know what I will be doing next weekend, yea you guessed it, I will be running out alot more handloads for the 600 in preparation for another long range visit.  Especially testing all that brass I spent many hours during the summer annealing and preparing.

Here is my 6.5×55 admiring the scenery of the Sperrins. 

600Yrd Long Range Shooting

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