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Goodies Galore In The Online Store

For a shooter it’s a mouth watering experience, this weekend I was online at Sinclair International putting together my Wish List of reloading and rifle cleaning equipment.  I just have to keep my self control in check as not to let the Credit Card take too much of a hit like it was shot with a 50 Cal round.  A few of the lower cost items that I would like to have this year are a bore guide for my .22 Anschutz 54 Action, a few new cleaning brushes, patches and mops plus a second cleaning rod so I can dedicate one rod to brushing out the bore and a second to wet / dry patching out the bore.

I have also been dreaming of the Redding competition dies for my 6.5×55 and a micrometer for my reloading.  Nice additions to the loading bench if I click that add to basket option.

What reloading or firearms maintenance goodies would you like to have on your wish list in 2012 or early 2013?

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