Rifle Cleaning Never a ‘Bore’ing Topic

Bore & Rod Guide

You may recall Any Old Rod Wont Do, published in February 2011 and how I would make my decision on choosing a cleaning rod for my firearm.

In that article I mentioned Bore Guides and how one should be used during the barrel cleaning process of your firearm.  Today I would like to talk about the Bore & Rod Guide I use and how it superseeds alot of the rival Guides on the market.

Caliber Specific

This ‘caliber specific’ Guide is for the 6.5×55 SE and I bought it about 2 yrs ago.  I use it with a one piece plastic coated Dewey cleaning rod.

Genuine Not Generic

I have used a generic Bore / Rod Guide in the past and thought this was ideal until I experienced this precision engineered Bore & Rod Guide.  The Guide comes as a two part set see images below.  Firstly you have the main Bore Guide ‘about 10 iches in length’ with a tight fitting O Ring.  When you slide the Guide into the Chamber the tight fitting O Ring seals of the chamber so that no solvents or dirt will drip back into the Chamber or Action of the firearm.  Next the cleaning rod is slipped into the smaller Rod Guide ‘about 6 inches in length’ attachment.  Then you attach your Bore Brush or Cleaning Jag of preference to the end of your cleaning rod and slide the cleaning rod into the Bore Guide.  Through the ‘Opening’ on the Bore Guide you can apply your solvents to the Brush or Patch and continue to slide the rod into the Bore Guide until it engages the Rifles’ Bore ‘you will feel when it engages the rifles bore as the rod will feel tight and require a little more pressure applied to push it further in’.  Now firmly slide the Rod Guide into the Bore Guide so the two parts are fitting snuggly into one another.  Only then using the handle to do so, do you begin to push your cleaning rod down the bore allowing the rod to rotate with the rifling.

What Are The Benefits?

You might ask yourself ‘What benefits does this Bore Guide have over others?‘  With this two part Bore & Rod Guide you will notice that the cleaning rod does not flex or bend as much when it is run down the bore.  Therefore reducing and possibly even eliminating damage that could be caused to the lands and grooves of your barrel during the cleaning process as the Rod Guide helps centre the cleaning rod throughout the cleaning process..

If you haven’t already got a Bore & Rod Guide then I would definitely recommend that you give it some serious thought, especially if you want to really care for the lifetime of your production or custom barrel that you have invested heavily in.


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