National Champion 2012

National Smallbore Silhouette Rifle Championships

Last weekend was quite eventful.  We held our National Silhouette Championships over two days with three matches in each event.  Unfortunately we did not have our Rams at 100M back in place due to range maintenance but definitely 2013 we will have them back in play but at a shorter distance of approximately 100 yards.

Day 1 opened with sighting in and first shots fired at 10am.  For myself I had a great start with 10/10 chickens but I dropped out on a few Pigs and Turkeys.  A case of opening nerves and a little wind swirling across at 77M may not have helped matters.  Others found the same fate, but some battled onwards and produced a tidy opening round.  The opening match had set the scores to beat.

With an improvement in Matches 2 and 3, Day 1 came to a close for me with an 8 point lead in overall aggregate.

As Day 2 got underway I had a confidence in my shots but it was short lived when I once again could not get settled on the Pigs and a few anticipated shots took flight over their back bacon leaving them to snort in laughter as my score line was reduced by 2 or 3 points.

Matches 2 and 3 saw a vast improvement in my shot execution as I climbed the scoreboard clawing each hard fought point back one by one into the high 20’s.  I was relieved to see targets tumble in syncronized dives 1,2,3,4,5 as my shots rifled down the barrel and found their sweet spot.

My closest competitor during the two day event was Mike Power who was hot on my heels with every shot but I had managed to extend the lead on the final day.  Still unsure what the outcome was until all scores had been tallied.  Was I a Champion in the waiting or a wannabe in the dark. 

As the last shots rifled down range the days events where brought to a close.  It was now time to dish out the silverware and in some cases Gold.

With Dan Quinlan Chairman, Mike Power Secretary and Karl Dorney on Stats scores were tallied and the medal ceremony got underway.

Starting with Smallbore Silhouette Rilfe B Class runners up, it worked its way to the top where I was the sole winner of Master Class and the long awaited and anticipated National Champion.  It was a nice feeling holding the winning spoils once again.  Next we had the presentation of Smallbore Hunting Rifle and once again B Class awards began the medal count until the National winner was announced.  I had done the double, I was the new 2012 National Hunting Rifle Champion, Both National Titles where in the bag, not forgetting the Overall Aggregate trophy of the two gun event.

My smile just kept growing, knowing that the National Titles were my reward for another year after the highs and lows of the 2012 silhouette season.

National Champion 2012


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