Club Silhouette Shoot

Midweek Shoot

Due to my niece ‘Darcey’ getting Christened at the weekend I was unable to attend our club silhouette shoot on the day.  Fortunately for me, BRC Shooting Club allow its membership to shoot a club shoot midweek prior to the competition day.  So off I went on Wednesday evening at 7PM and setup the 30 targets; 10 chickens, 10 pigs and 10 turkeys on line 3.  Our Rams bays are out of commission at present so we shoot the 30.  The evening weather was calm with a slight breeze but nothing too upsetting for the muzzle or bullet flight.

Shooting from cold with no sighters or warmup shots I cleared 9/10 Chickens, a little dissapointed that I had missed one.  Similar scenario for the Pigs as I dropped a shot on the first bank of 5 as I struck the wooden frame at the foot of the Pig.  Moving onto the Turkeys and with great delight I dropped 9/10 with a shot sailing over the back of the Turkey of fortune, leaving me with a scoreline of 27/30, a good marker of things to come.

I have been very pleased with my shooting recently and especially on the Turkey bay, so long may it continue, as I am happy to see the taregts fall, twist, whiz and spin from their feet with each shot.

I’m looking forward to the National shoot on July 29th to see if I can improve on my score.

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