Beer The Night Before A Shoot

Mind Altering Beer Goggles

The topic of having a few beers or other alcoholic drink the night or day before a practise session or competitive shoot can be a controversial one.

I personally feel that it is something your body can become acustomed too, in moderation of course, but I guess it’s all down to genetics which go beyond the scope of this post. 

My experience during my last practise session possibly showed that I am better of not having a few ‘bottles of suds’ the day before a shoot.  Maybe there were other factors involved also such as emotional feelings, but I do think that the alcohol did play a part in my focus and steadiness while shooting.  

I tend to eat the same foods for breakfast on the day of a shoot so that I can train my body to manage their digestion and reaction when shooting so I am ruling out my food intake for my unhappy efforts.

I found that when I was sighting in and executing my shots that I was just not 100% with each shot execution.  I found myself taking shots that I tend to try and stop myself from taking as it is just teaching my mind bad habits in shot execution.  Looking at my final results after my practise session I could see that my match practise session had also dropped dramatically in score.  Yes the somewhat stormy weather may have had a little part to play but it wasn’t enough to throw me of each time.

Therefore this weekend I will be holding back from any beer intake to see if I can get back ontrack for Sunday’s upcoming National Shoot.  Although the forecast for Sunday may not be favourable for shooting but we will persist.  That’s the beauty of Silhouette Shooting, you get to compete in all weathers.

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