Aim Small, Hit Small

Chickens At 77 Metres

To shake up my practise session, I decided to place my chickens at the 77 metres mark and shoot them.  As if chickens are not hard enough to hit at 40 metres I hear you say! well yes they are.  The theory behind my ‘foul’ madness is to help develop and reduce my rifle hold, point of aim and point of impact.  I find that when shooting at the original targets at their designated distances I tend to allow myself more movement in my rifle hold and that in turn drives my mind to take more risks in shot execution with a result of hitting less targets.

With the smaller targets at 77 metres I am trying to teach my mind and body to maintain focus in a smaller area where shot execution can be more beneficial to positive target strikes.

Visible Results In An Instant

Instantly I began to see results as I was trying hard to reduce my rifle hold and keep my target dot on the chicken.  If I began to move of the chicken I would hold off taking the shot.  Although in some instances I plain just missed the chicken by flighting over its back, but I could honeslty see that I was focusing more on that smaller point of aim.

This is by no means a new technique but it is one a lot of shooters often forget to practise.  I believe it is beneficial to introduce this type of practise into your daily or weekly shooting routine even if its only for 30 minutes at the beginning of each session.  Over time your scoresheet will show the rewards of your efforts.

Chickens At 77 Metres

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