Outdoors With The 6.5×55

Shooting Off-Hand

Due to the cracking good weather Ireland was having over the weekend I decided to take a break from the reloading bench to get in a bit of off-hand shooting.

It had been a long time since I felt the recoil of my Steyr from a standing position and was eager to get that feeling back.

Eye and Ear protection securely in place; I ran a dry patch down the bore to clean out the gun oil from its previous cleaning, I loaded up my 4 shot magazine and with a target placed at just over 100 Metres I dialed in my elevation and windage, fixed the butt plate into my shoulder pocket and with a firm hold and off-hand position I locked down the bolt and one by one I fired of those 4 rounds.  It felt good, a much better feeling than when I am shooting from the benchrest position.  I really do enjoy the off-hand shooting, it’s a real open test of skill where all the elements around you come into play. 

Off-hand shooting is a unique shooting skill that I believe leads to improving other shooting positions such as prone and kneeling due to the muscles used and target aquisition and execution of your shot.

Now that the Summer is on its way I am hoping to get more off-hand shooting done, role on the good times!

Steyr Pro Hunter 6.5x55
Steyr Pro Hunter 6.5×55


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