Draining Unused Powder From RCBS ChargeMaster

Draining Unused Powder From RCBS ChargeMaster

I had a great weekend of sunshine at home almost to good to be indoors reloading as we dont get this sunshine too often. 

In between my tea breaks and sun lounging I did alot of Brass Preparation which included popping spent primers, annealing case necks, neck sizing, case cleaning and chamfering.  I rounded of my Saturday evening by putting together 50 handloads of 6.5×55 to take along to the range on Sunday morning.

 As you may be aware from my previous posts I use the RCBS ChargeMaster to dispense and weigh my powder.  I believe what I am going to write next is a very important Step. Once I have my handloading complete I always return the remaining unused powder to its proper container, `never have more than one can of powder open or on your loading bench at any one time`.  This is to aviod mixing different powders and that your powder does not get contaminated by foreign bodies thus changing how it burns when fired which could result in a fatal accident if gone unnoticed.

Here is a short video on how to drain your unused powder from the RCBS ChargeMaster when finished handloading for the day.

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