National Shoot May 2012

National Results May

I hadn’t expected to be attending our National Classification shoot yesterday but due to my newest little niece or nephew taking its time to come into this world I had time to attend the event.

Weather was a little nippy on the trigger finger but as the morning got going I got of to a great start in SBSR knocking over 9 chickens and 10 pigs but as a little anxiety crept in I could only manage to send 6 turkeys scuttling from their feet leaving me with a tally of 25 / 30.

Due to the small numbers in attendance I shot both my events back to back. With a shaky start I popped off my first shot to the right of Mr chicken number 1. With a little position adjustment all 9 remaining chickens responded to my shots as they took flight. In addition 9 pigs fell as I felt a shooting confidence in my position and execution of each shot. As I continued to build a result that I could be happy with, turkey talk was awaiting my reply. All in all 8 turkeys began to tango and spun from their feet to give me a comfortable tally of 26 / 30.

With an end to the days shooting I am now looking forward to June 17th all going well to see if I can top my scores of the day.

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