IMSSU Rules for 2013

Big Bore Rifle Rules Discussed At 2012 Assembly

I have extracted the following Big Bore Rifle information from the 2012 Assembly Minutes.  I have uploaded the IMSSU Rules 2013 here for your perusal.  I hope that the changes that have been adopted will bring more rifle shooters into the events.

12.2. Big Bore Rifle events:
The President advised that there were problems with the Big Bore Rifle events where a 500m range was not available. He recommended that all the proposals regarding the Big Bore Rifle issue be treated as a whole at this point in the meeting. The Meeting agreed.

Following lengthy discussion about the size of the ranges, the size of the targets, the distances to be used, etc, the following proposal was unanimously approved.
If a Country nominating to sponsor the World Championships has no 500 meter range to shoot the Big Bore Rifle events, a substitute event will be organized.
The Big Bore Rifle events will be shot on the 200 meter pistol range using ½ scale (Field Pistol) silhouettes. The chickens will be set at 100m, the pigs at 150m and the turkeys and rams at 200m. Except for the targets and the distances, the matches will be shot according to the IMSSU Big Bore Rifle rules.
The following paragraph will be added to the “General Technical Rules for all rifle events” in “Section V: Shooting procedures”:
If no 500 metres range is available in the Member Country sponsoring the World Championships, a substitute event will be organized for the Big Bore Rifle on the 200 meters Big Bore Pistol range. The Big Bore Rifle events will be shot by the Big Bore Rifle Rules except that ½ scale (Field Pistol) silhouettes will be used at the following distances:

Chickens set at 100 meters.
Pigs set at 150 meters.
Turkey set at 200 meters.
Rams set at 200 meters.

12.3. Separate World Championships for Handgun and Rifle events:
Following discussions, the motion to split the World Championships into separate Pistol and Rifle Championships was deemed to be divisive and against the spirit and Statutes of the IMSSU by the Assembly. Many member countries also felt that it would lead to the death of the rifle disciplines.
The motion was lost through majority vote.

12.4. Adopting NRA rules for the Big Bore Hunting Rifle:
Following discussions and after listening to the comments from the US Delegate, this proposal was seen as favouring the equipment race and possibly disadvantaging new shooters.shooters.
Following further discussions the motion was lost through majority vote.

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