Centre X My New .22lr Ammo

Centre X Out To Impress

Earlier this year I had my .22lr Ansch├╝tz 1710 batch tested for Lapua’s Centre X as an alternative to shooting with Eley Match & Tenex due to costs and availability.

Today was my first chance to shoot out to 100 yards from a bench rest and after a few sighter shots and adjustments to windage and elevation I began to drop in a few tidy cloverleaf 3 & 5 shot groups. Although not all groups were tight masterpieces, this is something I will mark down as my lack of experience in the discipline of rimfire benchrest skills. I know my little ‘Annie’ is much more accurate than I am.

Now that I have witnessed how the new Centre X performs on paper at 100 yards I will be excited to get back to knocking down a few Rams once our range is fully functional ‘but that may not be for a few months yet’.


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