Lapua .22lr Electronic Batch Testing

Lapua .22lr Electronic Batch Testing At Dungannon Rifle Club

On March 24th at Dungannon Rifle Club, I had my Anschutz 1710 tested by one of the ammunition testing staff from the German Lapua factory. Andre from Lapua had around 17 batches of Lapua Centre X¬†available to see if he could pin point a specific batch that suited my barrel. With a 50 Metre protected tunnel in place, ‘constructed from timber and plastic sheeting’ the results of each shot would be as accurate as they could be with no interference from the wind. Firstly my rifle with stock attached was clamped into a heavy duty vice and the rifle details were entered into¬†the Meyton Electronic GmbH software program that also measured the bullet groups as they were shot and tested. Each 10 shot group was recorded and with a visual diagram and accurate reading it was easy to distinguish which batch of ammunition gave the better group. With the synthetic stock attached and clamped it looked like results were somewhat inconclusive ‘although one batch did show signs of grouping well’ as the stock continued to vibrate in the vice. Due to the stock being synthetic it could not be clamped to its tightest tolerance or it would either crack or become squeezed too tight against the barrel and that would affect the free floating setup of the barrel and stock.

The barrel was then removed from the synthetic stock and retested. Once again good results were hard to come by, although the batch of ammunition tested with the stock attached, showed signs of hope when tested without the stock.

Once Andre determined what batches looked best they were retested and one batch of ammunition was selected from the final batch testing. Although the results were not what Andre or I had hoped for; we had to remember this was a light sporting rifle barrel and at 50 Metres shots grouping in the 10 and 9 ring were acceptable.

The Real Test

Once I get some range time I will try out the new batch of Lapua Centre X to see how it performs on paper at all smallbore silhouette distances.

Come back soon to find out how I get on.

Below are images of my computerised results and the batch of Lapua .22lr ammo that was finally selected.

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