New Season, New Brass

New Season New Brass

With a new shooting season beginning I decided to spend a couple of hours during the weekend preparing some once fired brass for my 6.5×55.

The first step in my brass preparation was to anneal all the case necks. A demonstration on how this was done can be found here. Once annealed and dried off I Neck Sized and Deprimed the cases before dropping them into my case tumbler for a few hours to brighten them up. Three hours later and a few mugs of tea drunk my cases were clean and ready for their next step. The final six stages of case preparation involved cleaning the primer pocket, deburring the flash hole, squaring of the primer pocket, ensuring the case length was not exceeding the recommended published limit and finally chamfering and deburring the case mouth for bullet seating. I now have an additional 35 Lapua 6.5×55 ‘Once Fired Cases’ ready for reloading.

Please see the images below of the steps taken during my case preparation.

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