Realigning Steyr Action Bushings

Action Bushings

Whilst using the Sinclair Action Cleaning Kit with a cotton swab attached in the Action of my Steyr Pro Hunter Rifle, I discovered that when I am turning the cleaning swab in and around the Action the swab ‘due to its size and tight fit’ will snag onto the Action Bushing and actually turn the Bushings in the Rifles Action out of alignment.

Once out of alignment the Bolt will not fully slide into the Action as the Bolt Locking Lugs are hitting against the Bushings that have now become misaligned.

I had tried using the Action Cleaning Kit and cotton swab to realign the Bushings by twisting it in the opposite direction but the head began to scew of the Action Cleaning Rod as it rotated.

A Tool For The Job

So I put the problem to Albert a friend of mine to see what we could come up with.  In his workshop we tried a few tools but eventually welded up a homemade tool that will allow me to realign the Bushings with little effort.

The tool is fundamentaly a long flat head screwdriver with a T shape cut from steel and welded to the tip of the screwdriver.

If you have cut the length of the T shape correctly, once you slide the Tool into the Action and give it a light twist it will engage the Bushings.  This will then allow you to twist the Bushings to realign them so that the Bolt will slide in and lock down into place.

Here is my video of the Bushing Alignment Tool so you can see for yourself how it works..

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