Examine Your Cases Everytime

Range Brass

Just recently I was donated 100 cases of Lapua 6.5×55 fired range brass from a friend who bought a similar calibre.  Yep it’s always nice to get quality Lapua brass as a present.

Visual Inspections Are A Must

The other day I popped the cases into the media tumbler for a good cleaning so that I could De-Prime them and run them through my Neck Sizing Die and Prep them for loading.  After the cleaning process I started to examine the cases to check for any signs of damage in the case neck, body and head.  In all honesty I wasn’t expecting to see any signs of fatigue in the cases.

To my surprise I found a case with a split running the full legth of the case neck to the shoulder.  This case stopped me in my tracks and prompted me to run my eye over all the cases once more to be sure that I hadn’t missed others.

Fortunately I didn’t find any other cases with damage, but it just goes to show you that sometimes you can let the mind wander a little if you talk yourself into believing that your preparation and case examination at the reloading bench is 100% perfect.  Reloading is a time to remain in the moment and fully alert until each step has been completed to ensure you avoid at all costs a mistake that could prove critical when squeezing that trigger at the range.

Brian Mooney

Hi there. Just a quickie to say I enjoy your blog and to ask if you have any probs with your Steyr stock flexing? Like you I inherited some 6.5 brass and close inspection with a sharpened paperclip revealed a number of insipient head failures some of which were evident by a bright ring about 1cm up the case. Moral of the story is of course check and recheck!!
Best wishes.

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Hi Brian thank you for your interest in my blog. As for the steyr stock I have not noticed it flexing. It is very rigid even by putting pressure on it with both hands. It is also free floating to a point.

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