Sooted and Booted Part IV

One Swallow Does Not A Summer Make

My last range visit looked like I was onto a winner when my hotter loaded test ‘cases’ began to come out with less carbon fouling along the body and head.  With this positive outlook I handloaded 30 rounds of my prep’d cases that were neck trimmed to a uniform length, ‘see my previous post Sooted and Booted Part III for details of my test subjects’ and off to the range I went.

After sending the first round down range, I extracted the case to find that it was clean and without all that carbon fouling.  ‘Yes this was the result I had hoped for’.  Off poped number two and my fingers broke the bad news to me as I extracted the empty case.  It was smothered in soot and carbon.  The following seven rounds all told the same story.

Jumping The Gun

Thinking that my woes were over after my previous range visit and revelation, I had not handloaded any cases from the other subject batch, ‘the non uniformed trimmed cases‘, so I could not test them at this time to see if they reported the same sooty results.

Next Range Visit

My next visit to the range will be to test ‘the non uniformed trimmed cases’ which I hope will produce a result on the opposite side of the scale than this one, as my options are quickly running out!

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