Barrel Maintenance – Bore Cleaning

Cleaning Is Not Always A Bore

I have watched and read many Barrel Cleaning Regime’s that are offered up online and on the printed page.  Some I have been happy with and others I was not so impressed with due to the lack of care with the Firearm.  Some cleaning methods were even said to take up to and beyond 24 hrs to clean a barrel, with a first clean at the range and for the second or third cleaning solvents were left to soak in the barrel overnight and brushed and patched out the next day.  ‘When would you find the time to shoot if you were using these exhaustive cleaning programs!!!’ I wanted a complete refined cleaning regime that allowed me to clean my rifle both inside and out with minimal interuption to my range visit and shooting time.

You may recall an article I published in February 2010 titled ‘Is A Clean Barrel An Accurate Barrel?‘ were I talked about cleaning a smallbore rifle barrel.  Back then I had promised myself that once I was satisfied with a barrel maintenance cleaning regime I would make it available here on the ‘Blunderbuss’ Blog for all my followers and visitors.  Maybe you would even adapt it in full or improve it somehow to fit your shooting and firearms care program.

I now have all the essential cleaning products and tools I need to complete my firearms maintenance cleaning regime. I am 100% happy with my cleaning program thus far on my Steyr 6.5×55 Calibre Rifle and if I find a way to improve it then I will give it a go.  If you have any suggestions please do post a comment below.

Carbon & Copper Fouling

In this video you will see that I use BoreTech Eliminator as my choice of Cleaning Solvent to work on both Carbon and Copper fouling.  I have praised BoreTech Eliminator many times and all for good reason as you will see how fast Boretech Eliminator begins to work on the Copper once a couple of well soaked patches are run down the bore.

For all those doubting Thomas’s out there ‘You gotta see it to believe it’

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