A Below Par 24 !

Yesterdays Sour Squelch

Experts say that you should talk about your worries and concerns to release the monkey from your back and begin the healing process.

Well never mind the monkey, it was a silhouette zoo I had on my back yesterday.  In the Smallbore Silhouette Shoot, shots on Chickens, Turkeys and Rams where few and far between.  Running high on Chickens was a first for me in a long long time and knocked me of my stride at the get go.

The Piggys, well those little pork scratchings went down a treat, as I scored a full compliment of 10 from 10.  They were my saving grace on this relay.

Turkey trauma had me surrender 5 for 5 as I searched frantically for their sweet spot at 77 metres.

As tough as old boots, those Rocky Mountain Rams took a few knocks but not enough to rip a hole in the scoresheet and give me something more admirable to tot up as the final shots rattled down range.

So there you have it folks, I shot a 24 and there was no sign of a gale, tornado nor hurricane beating down on me this day.

It’s back to the paper for me to see exactly where each and every shot is falling.

Yesterday was an eye opener as I thought my preparation was adequate.  Perhaps the preparation was fine, but the execution of shot after shot was too soft.

No matter the reasons, I know for a fact that I need to get my claws back into the flesh of silhouette shooting to produce a score that will taste much sweeter than yesterdays sour squelch.

Keep tuned for a story of mythical proportions and a score sweeter than Wexford strawberries on a hot summers day.

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